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As a professional speaker for over 42 years, Jimmy Cabrera, CSP speaks both in the Educational and Corporate Communities.  As a member of the National Speakers Association, he has earned the National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional…'CSP' designation.  At present there are over 5,000 members within this association… and less than 5% have earned this prestigious certification.  Over 1.5 million individuals have experienced his high energy, motivational, and educational presentations. 

The research firm, Market Data Enterprises, has ranked Jimmy as one of the top Motivational Speakers in the country.  As a leader, his philosophy is, "Don't count what you have, but what you have given—that total equals your success.”  

Let’s Define Jimmy…

n. 1. a creative, on the edge, speaker, consultant, and author. 2. whose expertise includes personal development, empowerment, motivation, attitude, diversity, and leadership. 3. top rated speaker at conferences. 4. known for his high-energy presentations and interactive workshops. 5. his presentations are filled with fun and insight.6. real world. 7. on the money. 8. gives audiences information in a practical way so they can take put it to work immediately. 9.  a speaker that is committed to exceed expectations. 10. he will always; arrive early, ready, and prepared to help make a difference.

Mr. Cabrera learned some tough lessons early in his life. As a Latino, he was reared in a predominately segregated community in north Texas.  Except for his parents, he always had the feeling that no one cared. The system certainly didn't challenge him to be expressive nor think about setting goals.  He was even told that “his’ kind” don’t go to college.  Instead, he experienced bitter rejection and prejudice from a society that labeled him "different." Eventually he realized that though you cannot forget the past and the pain…you can forgive, learn from it, and move on.  In overcoming damaged emotions and rejection, he learned how to turn all the negatives into POSITIVE learning experiences.  Not allowing obstacles and challenges to become crutches…but stepping stones to ensure success.  To always remember that Attitude is Everything… ¡Sí Se Puede!

His book, “What’s In Your Backpack?  Packing for Success in Life” – Spanish version: “¿Qué Llevas En Tu Mochila?  Empácala Para Tener Una Vida De Éxito” is a book that outlines eight powerful success tools anyone can apply to their life…regardless of each person’s personal definition of “success.” 

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Jimmy Cabrera
Featured Keynote Programs

Customer Service
Straight Talk About Customer Loyalty

Consider the following: Any investment we make in teaching members of the company how to treat customers will out perform all other investments we make for the organization. Companies need to realize that it takes happy and skilled personnel to create and support a quality customer service environment.

Thoughts and questions we must consider in evaluating the service we provide our customers:

1.) The present attitude of all members of the team will determine future of the company.

2.) Is our environment boring or are we having fun serving our customers?

3.) When we say that we are there for the customer, are we?

4.) Never assume that everyone understands what is expected of him or her.

We must answer our team's desires to perform by providing the tools they need to do the right thing every time. Much can be accomplished by helping each member of the team to become more self-managed, skilled, and accountable. As a result we will ensure commitment, loyalty, and a sense of empowerment throughout the organization.

This program will focus on effective ways to foster positive company cultures that will demand nothing but the best from everyone. Participants will learn how to build customer relationships that will allow the customer to return with a "Smile."

Leadership is Not About Being Macho
Instead of Becoming a Legend, Leave a Legacy

No one in his or her right mind wants to be left out and not be counted. Every individual looks for the assurance of being recognized and to know that they have made some contribution to humanity.

Anyone can lead… then comes the question, "Will anyone follow?" Helping individuals to uncover and discover their leadership skills should become the passion of every parent, peer, and organization. The more an individual understands their role as a leader, the more effective they become to make a difference in their lives, career, and society.

Before one starts, there must be a purpose and a desire to make a significant self-change. Research continues to affirm the need for helping others to develop positive leadership skills. We embrace the fact that in every individual is born a leader. Then comes the question, "Will this individual a be a great leader or an average leader?"

There is a distinct correlation between the metamorphosis of a butterfly and a 'Great' Leader. In this program the participants will be taken on a journey and experience the metamorphosis of leadership. Including the step-by-step, stage-by-stage, the failures and the successes of the journey towards becoming great leaders.

Leadership is not about being "MACHO" <> Leadership is about humility, character, values, and the desire to make a difference in society and humanity.

Come and experience a positive, high energy, and productive leadership workshop.

Mastering Change
In Life, Career and Workplace

Fact: Most individuals find it difficult to deal with change. Why? I often hear the following responses: "The fear of failure," "The fear of the unknown," "People set in their ways," "People like routine and familiarity," and the list goes on.

Remember, one of the major reasons that many resist or fear CHANGE in the workplace is that most individuals cannot deal with change in their own lives. This program is designed to give individuals a step-by-step process in understanding and mastering change in their own lives. Once a person masters change in their own lives, they can handle any change in their career and workplace.

In today's turbulent and fast society we find ourselves wrestling with constant, on going change. As a business, or as an individual, we must learn to deal with and create ways to profit from all our experiences. In all that we face, let us choose to take positive action to deal with the emotions that will surface. As a result, it will enable us to remain teachable which will ensure our SUCCESS.

In this program the participants will learn, and leave with, a plan of action that will include the six steps that will produce positive improvement in Life, Career, and Workplace.

Find Your Niche or Stay in a Ditch

It can be a conscious or unconscious decision to fall into, or even worst, create a ditch in your life or career. It is sad, but true, that a majority of individuals are trapped in a DITCH. Ditch…? No way, you think, but that ditch, in many cases, is better known as a 'rut,' which has been painfully hollowed out slowly over the years by stagnation, confusion, insecurity, depression, and worse, denial. Peering at the world from their mental burrows, these individuals may see no light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, just as a meteorologist can identify the warning signs of a storm, and we to can become informed and aware, therefore, recognizing the warning signs of a DITCH.

Once we recognize that we may be headed into a rut (ditch), instead of dwelling in a pit of our own fear, we can discover the positive values and characteristics of our true NICHE. Yes, we can develop a maintenance program to ensure that we stay out a future ditch in our life, career, or the workplace.

In this presentation, the participants will learn to appreciate self-development by learning how to LAUGH at themselves, fall in LOVE with themselves, and become successful BECAUSE of themselves.

Jimmy Cabrera
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