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Managing Conflict
Managing Conflict

• Diagnosing the sources of conflict
• Selecting appropriate conflict styles and tactics
• Model and strategies for conflict resolution
Self Assessment on Conflict style, skill practices, case exercises, and film used.

Leading through Change
Leading through Change

• Model for transition process
• Model for change process
• Tactics and tools to lead staff through transition and change
• Strategies for managing large scale change
• Designing cross functional change teams to lead change
Film, cases, simulation and group activities used.

Managing Challenging People

• Tactics and tools to manage good performers who but don’t work well with others
• Typology of different types of difficult people and behaviors
• Tailored facilitation strategies
• Diffusing anger, setting limits, managing resistance
Case exercises and role-playing used.

Coaching and Counseling:
Coaching and Counseling:

(Taught this for managers at American Management Association)

• Coaching employees to enhance performance and build skills
• Discerning when to coach or counsel, when to refer for help
• Facilitating peer coaching among your staff members
Film, skill practices and role-plays used.

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