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Lee Tomlinson cancer, Cancer Issues, Cancer Survivors, Patient Perfect Healthcare, patient, healthcare Lee Tomlinson cancer, Cancer Issues, Cancer Survivors, Patient Perfect Healthcare, patient, healthcare
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Lee Tomlinson: TEDx: Compassion and Medicine

Lee Tomlinson

Founder The C.A.R.E. Effect Movement, Cancer Survivor, Author, & Adjunct Professor, Keynote and TED Speaker

About Lee Tomlinson

The life mission of "Patient Lee" is to inspire healthcare professionals to return compassionate C.A.R.E. to its rightful place at the forefront of modern medicine to benefit their patients, colleagues, their hospital's bottom line, and perhaps most importantly, themselves.

Finding his mission wasn't even remotely easy.

Award-winning television producer, movie studio owner, ex-professional athlete, and TED Talk presenter, "Patient Lee" is literally alive today due to a lifetime of continuous, ...

Lee killed it! His thank you at the end had tears and
goosebumps throughout the room! Awesome insight. Excellent job... truly excellent.

Jeffrey Weisgerber Marketing, Oncology, TEDxLilly Curator - Eli Lilly and Company

I challenge you to listen to survivor and patient-care expert
Lee Tomlinson who offers compassionate solutions that improve outcomes, incomes, healing, compliance clinician burn-out and above all, patient satisfaction.

Dr. Dean Edell - Pioneering TV and Radio Medical Talk Show Host

I've lost track of how many standing ovations Lee has gotten from packed houses who instantly fall in love with him and his message. If you're looking for someone to inspire others to live and work with more compassion, look no further than Patient Lee.

Shola Richards - Best Selling Author and Workplace Positivity Activist

Lee was brilliant. My nurses were deeply moved inspired and learned practical ways to provide even more compassionate care for their patients and more importantly themselves. Book him. Your nurses, your hospital and your patients will all benefit.

Catherine Gabster MSN, RN, CNL, CNS Clinical Nurse Specialist - Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
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