Laura Schwartz | Author of Eat, Drink & Succeed. Former White House Director of Events

Laura Schwartz

Author of Eat, Drink & Succeed. Former White House Director of Events

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Laura Schwartz

Named one of The 100 Most Influential People in the Global Event Industry by Eventex 2019-2023 and one of the top 7 speakers in the United States, Laura Schwartz has been a Professional Emcee and Keynote Speaker since 2001. Laura began her professional career in 1993 as the youngest female presidential appointee in history serving as the White House Director of Events for the Clinton Administration. After which, in addition to speaking, published her first book "Eat, Drink and Succeed” and currently appears on television as the American contributor on Australia’s #1 Today Show. Laura has been featured by and is a published writer in Fast Company, Elle Magazine, Marie Claire and other periodicals. In 2021, along with her cast from ITV News, was awarded the International Drum Award for Podcast of the Year.

Laura and her wife reside in Chicago where they are involved in civic and philanthropic endeavors. Laura is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, the City Club of Chicago and the American Heart Association. Globally, Laura serves as an active board member on the Keystone Board of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab and the WASH Foundation, an endeavor of Clean the World Global, a member of the United Nation’s WASH Cluster.

Laura Schwartz
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Activate Your Superpowers

A program about her personal and professional journey, Laura reveals 5 superpowers of Engagement that can change our lives.

From her start as a small-town girl with a speech impediment to becoming the youngest female presidential appointee in White House history and eventually an international professional speaker and television commentator, Laura delivers relevant and relatable moments of her challenges and success paired with the very superpowers we develop throughout our lives.

Laura will reveal the 5 Superpowers we all have inside and outline how we can activate those 5 and identify more Superpowers that are unique unto ourselves. You will turn to these newly discovered powers at work, at home and in your communities to build successful leadership, engagement and development throughout ever y stage of your life.

This compelling, motivational program will leave every audience inspired with a charge to put on their cape and tap into their inner Superhero!

Virtual Presentations

All Virtual Emcee Services include any emcee service that would have otherwise been on stage such as: Pre-records, voice overs, rehearsals, daily opens, introductions, one-on-one interviews, panel moderation, speaker/attendee question sessions, filling time between speakers or during any technical difficulties that may be experienced within the conference. As always, Laura collaborates on scripting if requested at no additional fee.

All of Laura’s Keynotes are virtual ready. Whether one of Laura’s signature programs like “Eat, Drink & Succeed “or “Lead First” to an original curated program, all keynotes are delivered with the same connection, enthusiasm and energy Laura is known for on the stage.

1) In-House Creative Studio

Laura has an in-house creative studio built with tremendous 1GiG high speed hardwired Cat 6 ethernet for transmission and top of the line professional equipment including Cannon DSLR cameras, lighting, audio and a variety of backdrops including green screen to brand any event as your event. Laura can go live, live to tape or do any pre-records from this studio working within whatever virtual platform you’ve chosen for your event. Laura uses exceptional virtual software to produce high quality programming taking virtual to a whole new level.

2) Off Site Chicago Production Studios

Laura uses 2 high-end production facilities in Chicago complete with sound stages and technology for switches, satellite, fiber, and crew on a regular basis. These two studios can produce any one way, two or multiple feeds including custom built sets, LED walls for town halls and roundtables, green screen, AI and hologram work and beyond for global events.

We connect our clients with these studios to discuss studio rental, satellite/fiber transmission costs if applicable, staffing and associated fees.

3) On Site Studio or On Location

Laura is willing to safely travel to a venue of your choice such as a central studio you are using for the production or, for hybrid events, Laura can travel to the physical conference location.


As you evaluate Laura as a virtual emcee for keynote for your event please keep in mind these 3 dynamic pieces of background:

1) The Former White House Director of Television

Prior to serving as the White House Director of Events, Laura was the White House Director of Television and responsible for all the live production and direction of large-scale events, satellite media tours and live/live to tape interviews of the President, Vice President and First Lady of the United States. Laura is very experienced and familiar with live productions and their technology.

2) On Air - On Contract Television Commentator since 2001

As you and your clients can imagine, Laura is very comfortable in front of a lens creating excitement and a dynamic engagement for the audience watching. Networks include: MSNBC, Fox News Channel, CNN including as a special correspondent to Larry King Live, 2009 – present the BBC World News, the American Correspondent for and appearing weekly on Australia’s Today Show and a fill in guest host for Larry King’s current programming.

3) She Grew Up in a Studio!

Laura is a passionate high-tech woman whose Father is a master craftsman photographer. Laura grew up the family’s award-winning studio — and why she values and is so comfortable in the studio setting.

Eat, Drink & Succeed!

The keynote your audience will be talking about all year.

It’s motivational, humorous and engaging, it’s immediately actionable.

Laura’s super-charged signature series is centered on being “prepared for partnership” while turning the “optional into opportunity,” because as Laura reminds us all, “You ever know when the next conversation will be the conversation to change your life or that of someone else!”

Laura challenges her audience to ask, “What can I do for you?” instead of the more negative — “What can you do for me?” interpretation of networking. She explains how positive, powerful networking involves mentoring and leading both inside and outside of the office. And, she incorporates your conference programming and year-round engagement into examples where Laura’s tips can be used to increase results for every member of your audience.

When the event is over, these lessons can be carried back to the office and put to work in professional and personal settings. Eat, Drink & Succeed motivates, engages, and most importantly, it drives action. Whether a first-time attendee or a seasoned veteran, attendees will feel empowered to take every facet of the conference and make it work to their full advantage and yours. Laura provides the tools and techniques that motivate attendees to capitalize on all social and business interactions at the conference so that they, too, can turn relationships into partnerships and ideas into realities.

Lead First

A unique & dynamic presentation on leadership in times of success, turbulence and change.

As any great leader will attest, leading in successful times is easy. It’s what a leader does in times of turbulence and change that sets them apart. In this one-of-a-kind program, Laura shares little-known stories from more than 200 years of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies to inspire great leadership in any circumstance. Laura adapts these non-partisan stories to make relevant and relatable comparisons to your company or association, and offers tips that attendees can immediately put into action in their personal or professional lives. Laura uses her unique White House experience to share valuable takeaways and inspiring stories from the earliest White House inhabitants, along with first-hand accounts of defining moments during the Clinton administration. She illustrates real solutions from the successes and failures in leadership that we all can practice in our daily lives as we work with our customers and colleagues and share within our communities and families.

Laura Schwartz
Featured Book

Eat, Drink and Succeed: Climb Your Way to the Top Using the Networking Power of Social Eventsby Laura Schwartz

Eat, Drink and Succeed: Climb Your Way to the Top Using the Networking Power of Social Events

by Laura Schwartz

There's something to be said for being in the right place at the right time, but if you don’t capitalize on the moment, all you’ve got is a missed opportunity. Laura Schwartz understands the power of seizing the moment better than anyone. As a 19-year-old college student, she turned a volunteer position in the White House into the opportunity of a lifetime. Using her persuasive and engaging social skills, she went from answering phones to serving as President Bill Clinton s Midwest Press Secretary, Director of Television and, ultimately, Director of Events, where she oversaw 12 state dinners, America s Millennium Celebration and countless other high-profile events. Laura learned plenty while producing the President s events on the world stage, but one lesson stuck with her: No matter how social an event appears, it s business. She watched huge deals unfold over cocktails at state dinners, but she also watched many White House guests squander chances to turn these seemingly social events into life-changing opportunities.

When the Clinton Administration ended, Laura began to realize this lesson extended far beyond the Rose Garden. Whether it s a cocktail party, a Little League game or a casual conversation on the treadmill at the gym, there are powerful possibilities lurking in social situations everywhere we turn.

Through her acclaimed keynote series by the same name, “Eat, Drink & Succeed!”, Laura has brought her unique perspective on everyday situations to audiences around the world. Now, with her book Eat, Drink & Succeed: Climb Your Way to the Top Using the Networking Power of Social Events, her message is readily accessible to the masses. In Eat, Drink & Succeed, Laura shares how she used the power of her own social scenes in every phase of her life: from her days growing up in Plymouth, Wis., to her time at the White House and in her ongoing role as a television commentator for various outlets including CNN, the CBS Early Show, BBC, Fox News Channel and Sir David Frost s Frost Over the World. In a simple, straightforward style, the book shows readers how to apply those skills to their own lives.

In Eat, Drink & Succeed, Laura explains how to:

*Identify your social scenes 
*Harness the power of the guest 
*Get invited to the right events 
*Arrive at the event armed with research, knowledge, business cards and everything you need to achieve your goal 
*Make the right impression 
*Achieve your goals not by asking what people can do for you, but what you can do for others 
*Follow up after the event

*And much, much more

Eat, Drink & Succeed is a Black Ox Press publication.

Laura Schwartz
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