Joan Lunden | Best-Selling Author and One of the Most Beloved Women in Media

Joan Lunden

Best-Selling Author and One of the Most Beloved Women in Media

Joan Lunden
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News and the Media

In addition to topics on health and wellness, Joan is now speaking on the history and business of the media.  She compares what it was like back then when the host never gave their opinions and today, where it's now common for anchors to share their personal opinion everywhere.

Nowadays people don't know if something is the truth or if the show and its anchors are sharing their personal beliefs.

"How the Media Has Changed"

It used to be when there was a controversial topic, audiences never knew the interviewer's personal opinion.  Nowadays, that couldn't be further from the truth.  Depending on where you're getting your news determines which perspective you're hearing.

In this keynote, Joan shares her personal experiences from her days at Good Morning America and discusses the changing relationship between the press, the public and politics and how you can find out the truth from the many ways that people get their news today."

Had I Known
My Breast Cancer Journey

Joan Lunden shares her personal experience of breast cancer and what she has learned through her journey about health, fitness and the importance of family, friends and community. She gives the patient’s perspective on her treatment from her own personal experience and from what she has heard from the thousands of women who write into her website. Joan includes advice on how to be the CEO of your own health.

Caregivers & Boomers

66 million Americans are caregivers for someone they love. With people living past 100, there is an increased demand for family members to serve as caregivers. From informational documents to balancing your health as a caregiver, Joan shares her personal journey of caring for her aging mother while raising a family and managing her career.

Speech Topics Events:
From Career to Caregiving and Everything in Between
Embracing Change: The New Reality for your Family’s Future

How To Be the CEO of Your Own Health

Joan Lunden speaks on how we need to reform the way we approach the management of our own health, and how we interact with our doctors and medical institutions. Joan gives strategies on how to take charge of your health as well as be a better patient, helping you to live healthier, happier and longer.

The Ten Best Secrets to Success

Having interviewed top business tycoons and a myriad of world leaders over her three decades as a journalist, Joan Lunden shares what she has learned throughout her career along with advice from the most successful people in the world and their common traits. Joan shares her personal journey of making it to the top of the tough television news business as well as how she reinvented herself launching her own business based on her focus in women’s health and wellness. As one of the most well-known working moms in the country, Joan can also talk about balancing home and family—how to keep your family values while being a successful working woman.

Women’s Empowerment

Joan helped pave the way for working women in America after a long career in a male-dominated industry. Joan has a unique perspective with tips and anecdotes that transcend any industry. In her empowering talk, Joan shares how she navigated it all with optimism, determination, and of course, her witty sense of humor.

Speech Topics Events:
Secrets of a Successful Woman: Risk, Passion, Humor, and Perseverance.
Now That We Have It All, How Do We Do It All
Strategies for Success: Women’s Path to Power and Reinvention

Health & Wellness

Joan advocates for how essential it is to live a vibrant, active, and engaged lifestyle to protect yourself from chronic illness. Joan discusses heart health, diabetes, cancer, and general women’s health & wellness. Joan shares the changes she made to live a healthier lifestyle and the importance of putting yourself and your health first.

Speech Topics Events:
How to be the CEO of your Health
The Secrets to Living Younger Longer: The New Mid-Life
Protecting your Heart: Being Proactive about your Heart Health

Breast Cancer

Joan shares her journey of breast cancer, why she went public, and what she learned through her experience. From breast cancer myths, risk factors women need to know about, and tips for enduring the cancer journey, Joan talks about the hard decisions, and the silver linings she discovered along the way.

Speech Topics Events:
My Breast cancer Journey
The Patients Perspective
My Transformation from Patient to Advocate

Motivation & Inspiration

In her motivational talks, Joan shares personal inspirational mantras and secrets for living life with a positive attitude. Joan gives tips about how to seize opportunity and inspires audiences with her “expect to win” philosophy. By saying yes to challenges, Joan talks about how she was able to overcome obstacles and create her own success.

Speech Topics Events:
Power of a Positive Attitude
Overcoming Change and Staying Motivated
A Bend in the Road is not the End of the Road: Preparing for Life's Changes

Leadership & Success

From small-town weather girl to earning the seat as co-host of the top morning TV show in the country, Joan shares her perspective on leadership and strategies for success from her personal journey to the top. With insights from the most successful people in the world, Joan shares her discoveries, including her say “yes” attitude.

Speech Topics Events:
My Journey from Small Town Sacramento to the Big Apple
10 Best Secrets to Success
Fostering Leadership and Achieving Dreams

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