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Jane Brody, Alternative Medicine motivational, Alternative Medicine Jane Brody, Alternative Medicine motivational, Alternative Medicine
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Jane Brody: The BMI: Myth or Reality?

Jane Brody

Renowned Health & Nutrition Author and Speaker

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New York, New York, United States
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For her 50th birthday, Jane Brody received a T-shirt that proclaimed "Still Perfect---After All These Years." Once she stopped laughing, she realized it should have said "Still Trying After All These Years" -- still trying to be good to her body, to fuel it right and move it regularly so that it will continue to be good to her. But while her regular menu focuses on vegetables, fruits, grains, potatoes, beans and peas "fleshed" out with low-fat dairy products, fish and shellfish, lean meats and ...

Thanks for the wonderful talk you gave at the women's heart event--for all the time, energy and memorable messages. The response from our attendees has been overwhelmingly positive.

Anne Dillon - Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, IL.

Absolutely super! Your knowledge and expertise were evident, your humor and down-to-earth, sensible information certainly held the interest of the audience.

Joyce Bray - New Britain General, CT

Thank you for such a wonderful keynote event. It is such an honor to listen to you and to learn from you. We were all impressed by your style and grace.

Linda Wien Murray - Brookdale Community College, NJ
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