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Hannah Ubl

Research Director, Keynote Speaker + Consultant

Hannah Ubl

Hannah Ubl's core mission is to create organizations that don't suck. She's devoted her career to flipping the traditional workplace script, throwing out the old "employees are lines on a spreadsheet" in favor of treating people at work more like well, people.
As Co-founder of Good Company Consulting, she's sought after for her bold take on building workplaces that prioritize the human experience while simultaneously increasing the bottom line. Hannah's dedicated the past decade to researching people at work - not just top talent and leadership - but everyone in between. She's discovered a strangely well-kept secret for recruiting and retaining the workforce of the future: the best recipe for organizational success is rooted in mindfulness, empathy, and kindness.
Hannah's work is a fresh approach to the standard (and outdated) workplace narrative. Not afraid to ask the hard questions, she pushes audiences towards self-inquiry to help them become better leaders, better managers, and better colleagues.
With heart, deep conviction, and a good dose of self-deprecating humor, Hannah will sweep you along on a journey of insights that lead to deep, lasting mindset shifts about how work works. A passionate speaker and consummate professional, she's energized by her audiences and brings her full self to each and every presentation.

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Speaking Reel 2023
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Maintaining a Healthy Culture in the Time of COVID-19

It’s hard enough to communicate effectively in the best of times. When a crisis hits, all of a sudden there’s stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and even fear added to the mix. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we work, connect and communicate. While the challenge to convey clarity in the chaos is very real, there are some proven strategies to help everyone at work craft clear messages with intention. Understanding the best ways to communicate in hard times like these can be the difference between a culture of isolation and misunderstanding, and one of connection, unity, and perhaps most importantly… calm.

A Critical Shift for the Modern Workforce

The tides have changed, and so have perceptions about what makes for a good job, a good organization, and a good leadership methodology. So why is it that so many leaders continue to operate with a workplace ethos that just isn't resonating in our modern working world? Those that aren’t adapting to the new rules of the game are facing an environment rife with frustrated employees, high attrition rates, and broken lines of communication... not to mention a pipeline of talent that will quickly dry up without some much-needed change.

Through this presentation, Hannah makes the case for why the new leadership mindset shift is critical and explores how the best in the biz are embracing transformation and choosing…

• Trust and transparency over strict rules and regulation
• Radical candor over formal, diplomatic messaging
• Listening to understand over listening to respond
• People and empathy over dollars and cents

Who is this for? Executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.


In today's workplace culture, the loudest voice in the room is the one that gets heard. In meetings, the employee that can articulate their thoughts fastest is labeled a rock star. In digital communication, one person groans at the sight of a text message while another cringes when listening to voicemail. Just like that, your message can be misinterpreted and then you’re falling behind, getting passed over for promotions, and worst of all, becoming frustrated with your fellow colleagues, managers, or leaders. Expert communicator, speaker, and storyteller Hannah breaks down how people at all levels can communicate more effectively so that everyone’s voice is heard and nothing gets lost in translation.

Takeaways include:

• How to use empathetic communication and active listening techniques that will fundamentally change the way you communicate
• Awareness of the most prevalent communication mishaps in the workplace, and how to overcome them
• Concrete strategies that will allow you to deliver messages clearly, and in a way that resonates

Who is this for? Leaders, managers, new hires, and everyone in between.


Everyone deserves an amazing place to work... so why do so many people dread getting out of bed in the morning? We’ve embraced future-focused, cutting-edge tools to revolutionize how we work but have let ideas about company culture evolve at a snail’s pace. With organizational strategies better-suited to the last century, it’s no wonder that so many employees are struck by a case of the Sunday scaries. Hannah’s presentation aims to shed light on strategies that actually matter for not only today’s workforce but the workforce of the future. She’ll challenge the way you think about culture, communication, work ethic, and trust so that no matter your level, whether you’re a new hire or a mid-level manager, a senior executive or a front-line employee, you can learn how to create a workplace that works (and doesn’t suck).

Takeaways include:

• Mindset-shifting insights on the future of work and how to stay competitive in a continuously shifting landscape
• A fresh perspective on the work culture that challenges the way things “should be done”
• Best-practices from organizations with proven awesome workplaces, and how you can adapt their strategies for your workplace

Who is this for? Leaders, managers, new hires and everyone in between.

Hannah Ubl
Featured Books

The Future of Work is Human: Transforming Company Culture for a Post-Pandemic Worldby Hannah Ubl

The Future of Work is Human: Transforming Company Culture for a Post-Pandemic World

by Hannah Ubl

A company culture book for leaders meets a professional self-help book for the whole team, The Future is Human shares the essentials to creating a people-first workplace.

"The new way of working is already here, and The Future of Work is Human offers the tools to help organizations shift to a more holistic and human approach."

-Adrian Peterson, employee experience program manager at HP


Ninety thousand hours.

That's how long the average person will spend at work over their lifetime. To put it another way, it's roughly one-third of our lives.

When you and your team think of time spent at work, what words would you like to come to mind?

Workplace communication experts Hannah L. Ubl and Lisa X. Walden believe jobs can inspire feelings like fulfillment, ease, and even fun. And as speakers and consultants focused on building workplaces that don't suck, they have over a decade of qualitative research to back it.

There's no denying the pandemic years brought challenges, from the Great Resignation and quiet quitting to hybrid work management. They also opened the door of possibility to a meaningful, long-term overhaul of the working world―and it's time we rose to meet it.

With a combination of lasting mindset shifts and practical tools, discover how to:

  • go beyond "beating burnout" to center holistic well-being,
  • build culture in the workplace while improving the bottom line,
  • be generous with authentic praise and compassion, and
  • lean into your person-ism and overcome perfectionism.

With the human-first practicality of Radical Candor and the heart-opening wisdom of The Art of Gathering, this unbeatably modern take on the workplace offers actionable steps for leading with intention and transforming your outlook (and by this time, you know we don't mean Microsoft).

We can do better than "returning to normal." We can create a working world where the Sunday Scaries are rare, people feel supported by their colleagues and leaders, and sentiments like "I really enjoy my work/job/company" are the new norm.

We can look back at those 90,000 hours spent at work with peace and maybe even pride, knowing that, for the most part, it was time well spent.

We can be a part of―and create―a work world that unwaveringly puts people first.

Managing Millennials For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyle))by Hannah Ubl

Managing Millennials For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyle))

by Hannah Ubl
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