Genein Letford | Award-winning educator and speaker on the Intercultural and NeuroSomatic Creativity

Genein Letford

Award-winning educator and speaker on the Intercultural and NeuroSomatic Creativity

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Genein Letford
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A Kaleidoscope View
Creative Perspective Taking for Education

Psychological safety is developed by students and teachers who take the perspective of others. Whether it is your colleagues or your students, understanding the perspectives of others will help you not only be better at your jobs but also be a better ally for justice in the classroom. This keynote, which is backed by brain science, shows that seeing ourselves, our students and the curriculum from multiple perspectives is critical for inclusion, creativity and innovation. Perspective taking skills are also required for building an inclusive culture of psychological safety.

Attendees will:
• Reflect how students perspectives’ and their own perspective may differ

• Implement various perspective strategies to strengthen their cultural competence ability

• Integrate communication and questioning strategies to acknowledge and bridge difference perspectives

NeuroSomatic Creativity®
The Power of Arts Integration in the Curriculum

To think creativity is only about the arts is wrong but to think one can reach their full creative potential without the arts is also incorrect. The creative arts (visual arts, dance, theatre and music) are integral parts of the human learning experience. This keynote and workshop guides educators through effective methods for integrating the creative arts within an established curriculum for increased engagement and exploration of the content.

This workshop component, rooted in brain science, specializes in connecting the arts to metaphorical thinking, sensory observation, abstraction and more! Genein Letford has successfully lectured on arts integration at the university level and is pleased to bring her specialized program to your educators. Let’s get our students moving, painting, playing, creating and learning thought the arts!

Attendees will:
• Learn the basic elements of the creative arts and how to communicate through those elements

• Acquiring strategies to expand their creative thinking and the creative thinking of their students with the creative arts

• Integrating the creative arts in the curriculum for any grade and subject

Intercultural Creativity - Building Culturally Creative Classrooms of Tomorrow

Creative thinking is now the #1 skill needed in the workforce, so our students need to be prepared.


With the advancement of AI technology and now the effects of the pandemic, companies need employees who can imagine, create and courageously contribute fresh ideas to the market.

Genein is a national voice on creative thinking and regaining a ‘child-like’ imagination. Her keynotes (which are full of stories, laughs and 'wow' moments) help build the foundational creative skills needed to produce innovative ideas for an unknown future. She shares her signature 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity® and encourages your educators and administrators  that they too can regain their creative genius and develop their students' innate intercultural creativity.

Students that build a culturally creative mindset are more engaged, creative and productive at work. Let Genein inform, inspire and transform your educators to fulfill their creative potential while achieving your educational goals.

Attendees will:
• Rebuild their innate creative mindset
• Build culturally creative connections within their curriculum
• Recognize and implement funds of knowledge and cultural capital of students
• Expand the imaginative abilities of their students to increase cultural competence

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Genein Letford

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