Heather McGowan

Heather McGowan, Business, Innovation, Workplace Culture, Future of Work future, Futurists, business, trends, culture, robotics, automation Heather McGowan, Business, Innovation, Workplace Culture, Future of Work future, Futurists, business, trends, culture, robotics, automation
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Heather McGowan

Championing Humans in the Learning-Centric Future of Work

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About Heather McGowan

Future-of-work strategist Heather E. McGowan helps leaders prepare their people and organizations for the Post Pandemic world of work. The last few years have forever changed where we work, who works, how we work and measure work, what we do for work and, most importantly, why we work. McGowan is a sense maker, a dot connector, a deep thinker, and a pattern matcher who sees things that others miss. Heather gives people the courage and insight that illuminates their path forward. She’s ...

Heather has the unique ability to synthesize and intellectualize large amounts of often-disparate data into a cohesive, clear, and actionable strategy. I have never met a person with greater ability to craft clear actionable vision and strategy from ambiguity and complexity and to lead diverse teams towards a common vision.

Stephen Spinelli, Jr., Co-Founder - Jiffy Lube

Heather has an uncanny ability to help an audience visualize the complete interdependencies influencing the way we learn, work and live so we can better prepare for the coming technology-driven shifts. As a summit curator, I found her to be a real pleasure to work with and highly regarded among her peers and those involved in shaping the future of work.

Julia Douthart, CEO - Work ReBooted Conference

Heather is an exceptional thought leader. Her ability to anticipate emerging trends, and synthesize information about the future of business, is truly remarkable. I've had the great pleasure of working with Heather over many years, and her insights have helped our business and our clients prepare for the future.

Rueben Young, Head of Amplify Thought Leadership And Innovation - AMP

Heather has a mind who can hold so much complexity combined with the rare gift of making these complex and highly emotive ideas so clear and accessible through her visualizations, models and straight talk -no academic or corporate jargon ... just relatable facts, insights, and powerful stories and metaphors.

Annalie Killian, Vice President of Partnerships - Sparks + Honey

"In the war for talent, organizations must be able to offer employees a path that goes beyond typical career progression. Heather presents a compelling and thought provoking vision that focuses on lifelong learning and adaptability for employees, which the pace of technological change essentially requires. Her analysis is comprehensive, yet easily understood. She distills it into actionable steps to help organizations move towards creating an environment in which employees and organizations mutually benefit and are well positioned for an uncertain future."

Managing Director - Alvarez and Marsal

Heather is my go-to person because are a lot of mirages out there when it comes to the Future of Work and she is the oasis. She is the real deal. Her ability to convey information in both words and visuals together are really powerful.

Thomas L Friedman, Columnist - New York Times
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