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Podcast Interview About The Diversity and Inclusion Advantage in Work

Future-of-work strategist, speaker, and author Heather McGowan joins the program to discuss the mindset shift that needs to happen in order to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution. Heather reveals how helping to save her brother’s life informed her thinking about leadership and the future of work, and how leaders will need to change and adapt. Discover the skill sets that will be most in demand in the future, and how organizations can help or hinder learning.


Podcast Interview Culture Gap: Part 1: Preparing For The Future of Work

In this episode of The Culture Gap, Heather shares how her own upbringing shaped her as a thinker and leader, as well as some of her key observations about the changes that are taking place at an individual, organizational, and societal level. Heather explains why our current structures do not support our human needs for connection and community, how social media might provide a solution, as well as how leaders should be approaching strategy in their organizations to adapt to the future of work.


Podcast Interview Culture Gap: Part 2: The Adaptation Advantage

In the second of this two-part episode of The Culture Gap, Heather shares more about the culture needed to survive and thrive in this modern context, as well as the role of technology and machines in influencing corporate culture. She shares some insights about her new book coming out in spring, The Adaptation Advantage, and some advice for the leaders and the youth of today.

Heather McGowan: Championing Humans in the Learning-Centric Future of Work

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