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Franklin Schargel

Educator, Author, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

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Franklin P. Schargel is an former classroom teacher, school counselor and school administrator who implemented an improvement process for his inner-city school which dramatically increased parental involvement, increased post-secondary school attendance and significantly lowered the dropout rate.

Franklin is an educational contributor to the Huffington Post.

Mr. Schargel is an internationally recognized speaker and author of ten books and over 100 published articles. He has delivered ...

I must say that this is probably our toughest group to please; however your messages were so powerful and inspirational, we felt it necessary to ask you to return and be our lead speaker at our Annual E+Qual Conference.

Robert L. Quick, President and CEO - Metropolitan Evansville Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Franklin was invited into our community as a keynote speaker for an awareness event. His deliberate approach based on fact and current trends created an amazing "buzz" throughout our area.

Judy Green, President, - United Way of Cass-Clay, Fargo, ND

The informed strategies and information to keep students engaged and attending school along with Mr. Schargel's sense of humor made for a delightful day.

Rick Peters, Superintendent - Caney Valley Public Schools, Ramona, Oklahoma

Every person who cares about children should hear Franklin Schargel's words.

G. Masingill, Academic Auditor - Savannah, GA

I would describe Franklin's program as phenomenal. The perfect prescription to remedy some of our dilemmas.

T. Johnson, Special Education Teacher - Education

Super! It gave me ideas I can use tomorrow.

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