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Educational equity is about more than closing gaps
If we believe that equity is about providing students and adults what they need to exceed performance targets, then tapping into how students make meaning through their cultural, racial and social filters is critical to ensuring success for all. The racial achievement gap and pipeline to prison have placed policymakers and educational lea...
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Teach Up For Excellence
All students deserve equitable access to an engaging and rigorous curriculum. Within the lifetime of a significant segment of the population, schools in the United States operated under the banner of "separate but equal" opportunity. In time, and at considerable cost, we came to grips with the reality that separate is seldom equal. Bu...
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I found the pill: If you just take this, we can close the gap!
Teacher efficacy is at the heart of student achievement and changing conditions for underserved students. Thus, district and site leaders must make it a priority to coach teachers up. I have had the opportunity to travel across the nation supporting districts and schools in school improvement and building teacher capacity to reach and teach all...
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