Don Peppers | Author of Revolutionary Customer Relationship Management Guidebook, "The One to One Future"

Don Peppers

Author of Revolutionary Customer Relationship Management Guidebook, "The One to One Future"

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Don Peppers

Recognized for 25 years as one of the world's leading authorities on customer-focused business strategies, Don Peppers is an acclaimed author and co-founder, along with Martha Rogers Ph.D., of Peppers & Rogers Group. His latest endeavor is the formation of CX Speakers, a new company delivering workshops, keynote presentations and thought leadership consulting that is focused on customer experience topics.

Peppers' work routinely examines the business issues that today's global enterprises are grappling with while trying to maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace. He recently released his 11th book, Customer Experience: What, How and Why Now, a collection of bite-sized essays offering insights and "how to" recommendations on building and maintaining a customer-centric business. It uses real world examples to cover not just the central issue of customer experience, but also corporate culture, strategy, technology, and data analytics.

With Martha Rogers, Peppers has produced a legacy of international best-sellers that collectively sold well over a million copies in 18 languages. Their first book, The One to One Future (Doubleday, 1993), was called by Inc. Magazine's editor-in-chief "one of the two or three most important business books ever written," while Business Week said it was the "bible of the new marketing." As a testament to this, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers were inducted into the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame in 2013.

Peppers' and Rogers' ninth book is Extreme Trust: Turning Proactive Honesty and Flawless Execution into Long-Term Profits (Penguin, 2016). And in 2017, Wiley Publishers will release the third edition of their graduate school textbook, Managing Customer Experience and Relationships: A Strategic Perspective, originally published in 2003.

With nearly 300,000 followers for his regular postings of original content on LinkedIn, Don has been listed numerous times on LinkedIn as one of the Top 10 Marketing Influencers. In 2015, Satmetrix listed Don Peppers and Martha Rogers #1 on their list of the Top 25 most influential customer experience leaders. The Times of London included Don on its list of the "Top 50 Business Brains," and Accenture's Institute for Strategic Change listed Don as one of the 50 "most important living business thinkers" in the world.

Prior to founding CX Speakers and Peppers & Rogers Group, Don served as the CEO of a top-20 direct marketing agency (Perkins/Butler Direct Marketing, a division of Chiat/Day), and his 1995 book, Life's a Pitch: Then You Buy (1995), chronicles his exploits as a celebrated business rainmaker in the advertising industry. Before his career on Madison Avenue he worked as an economist in the oil industry and as the director of accounting for a regional airline. He holds a B.S. in astronautical engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a Master's in Public Affairs from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School. He is a competitive runner and happily married father of five.

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Full Day Executive Seminar
Maximizing Your

Customers are a scarce resource--finite in number, and expensive to replace. So it is vital to create the most value possible from the customers on hand, including any new customers coming in to the franchise. Unfortunately, because companies do not measure their Return on Customer and aren't held accountable for it, managers have no incentive whatsoever to preserve and increase the value of the customer base as a financial asset. As a result, companies frequently end up destroying a great deal of their own value in a single-minded quest for short-term income.

Creating genuine enterprise value from customers is a balancing act--an optimization problem. The actions one takes to acquire customers more aggressively have the potential to reduce current customers' lifetime values. Selecting a more relevant message for a marketing promotion will increase the attractiveness of the promotion, but it will also limit the target population. Streamlining the call center by installing an interactive voice response system may reduce the cost to serve customers, but could also reduce satisfaction levels or hinder the satisfactory resolution of complaints. A company that fully embraces genuine value creation will inevitably become customer-oriented, striving to understand and adopt the different perspectives of customers themselves. This will not only lead to a more effective and profitable enterprise, over the long term, but a more attractive and ethical corporate culture as well.

In this full-day seminar, Don Peppers will conduct classes in four interactive modules, designed to explore the issues involved in maximizing a firm's Return on Customer.

High Demand Presentation
Applying 1to1 Customer Insights to New Product Development and Launch

A high proportion of new products & services bomb because they misjudge the customers' needs. That means a high proportion of your marketing budget is poured into failures. We've all seen them. In fact, you may even have been responsible for one or two yourself that you'd rather forget. In this session, you will cover how to use customer insights generated by 1to1 marketing to raise the success rate of your new product introduction strategy. By linking new product ideation, development and launch directly to an understanding of customer need, you can spot and eliminate turkeys before you invest too much time and money in them. Just as importantly, you can focus and refine your efforts on new products and services that stand a much better chance of becoming your revenue-generating future stars.

High-Demand Presentation
Joined at the Hip

A company that fully embraces genuine value creation will inevitably become the customer-oriented, striving to understand and adopt the different perspectives of cutomers themselves. Putting yourself in the role of a customer, in order to better understand your own business, is virtually the same thing as beginning to cultivate a culture of customer trust. For a business to be successful, its customers must trust it to act in their own interest--to recommend products and services not based just on what the company wants to sell, but based on what the company's own information and analytical systems indicate that this particular customer will find the most valuable. This process not only leads to a more effective and profitable enterprise, over the long term, but a more attractive and ethical corporate culture, as well. In this track, Don Peppers will conduct a very interactive seminar, challenging participants to use what they have now learned to think through a variety of ethical dilemmas commonly faced by businesses and business executives and posed to the seminar audience for discussion.

Keynote Session
How to Succeed in a Cut-Throat World and Still Sleep at Night

You might think that it's easy to tell right from wrong in business. But that isn't true. Few business ethics issues present themselves in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Anyone making real business decisions is likely to come face to face with a variety of ethical dilemmas. It's often easy to look the other way, but is that right? It's nearly as easy to avoid all hint of controversy, but you would be at a competitive disadvantage, permanently. In this fascinating one-hour seminar, based on a chapter in Don Peppers's book Life's a Pitch, participants are asked to evaluate a variety of real-life ethical dilemmas, and then learn the outline of four basic principals by which most of these situations can be resolved.

Don Peppers
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Don Peppers

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