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Don McMillan graduated from Stanford University with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1982. (He has a BSEE from Lehigh University) He went to work for AT&T Bell Laboratories where he worked as part of the team that designed the world's first 32-bit Microprocessor. He then moved to the Silicon Valley (San Jose, California) where he worked at VLSI Technology as a computer chip designer. During his 6 years at VLSI he designed more than 50 Standard and ASIC Designs many of which are ...

I wanted to send you a note to let you know you were a big hit. All of the feedback (and I mean all) was extremely positive. To please an audience of over 1000 salespeople and AEs is no easy task.


The research and creativity that you put into your presentation really made a connection with the audience. The audience loved it, as was evident by their outbursts of laughter.


Your style, your delivery, your ability to speak engineering language--all of this was remembered with continued laughter for months after this event! Well done! Well done!

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