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Everyone keeps RAVING from his personal stories to his inspirational tips for success, we were blown away.
Ayrika Gunn, VP Marketing - Century21
I was very tired that night until you spoke, then I was absolutely captivated. Thank you so much.
James Geletei, GM - Retro Fitness Gym
I was completely blown away and impressed with your presentation. As an avid purveyor of advanced information on leadership qualities, motivational speakers, cutting edge research in the fields of psychology, and how it pertains to one's everyday performance, I was completely enamored with your passion in delivering your stories of how to get the best out of yourself and truly be an exceptional leader.
Vince Kershner, Account Executive - Bozeken
Had the privilege of hearing the amazing Derek Daly this morning at NACUFS. What an amazing speaker!
Daphne Wright, Asst. Food Service Contract Administrator - The University of Alabama
Inspired and motivated by the great Derek Daly at Sunlife Presidents Circle.
Henry J. Barendregt, HJB Financial Services Inc. - Sunlife Financial
The group loved Derek's presentation. Thank you for helping make our event such a success!
Sarah Merrill - 1st Global Event Planner
Great job. . . I think your remarks hit the mark with our audience. Your program was very much appreciated. We have shared your quotes with everybody!
Gregory T. Rajsky, CAE, Director of Member Services - Aluminum Extruders Council
"Derek was prepared and extremely easy to work with. As I think back to last Friday, it felt as if he was a part of our team, he engages and commits, and it shows.
Bradley D. Thornton, President & CEO - University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors, Inc.
Your speech yesterday was fabulous and I've heard nothing but praises from others who attended. I'm honored to have heard you. Later in the afternoon a colleague said, "Derek had me on the edge of my seat the entire time!
Ron King - MCAA / Mechanical Contractors Association of America
You not only have a great message, but you are also a great messenger.
Pete Carufe, Snr Dir Enterprise sales, - SHI
You are an amazing person you made an extremely positive impact on everyone in attendance.
Gary Bolton, VP - Adtran
An inspiring presentation...You were able to pull all aspects of the meeting together, and provide a clear path for success.
Rusty DeWitt, Director Business Services - COMCAST
Your friendliness and professionalism was extremely appreciated and you were a pleasure to work with. Your message couldn't have aligned better with our theme and goals this year had we written it ourselves.
Jessica Chandler, Snr Manager Global Events - Sailpoint
You were fantastic . such great feedback.
Giinger Kreill, Life Sciences - Deloitte
Everyone loved him .you have a real winner with him.
Kevin Hamilton, Vice President - Xerox
Your level of enthusiasm in our SmartLab event certainly set a positive tone for the rest of the meeting. It was a pleasure having you present.
Lezlee Danner, Field program manager - Roche Diagnostics Corporation
He connected with our employees immediately. He is very personable and I highly recommend him for corporate meetings.
Ira Poltorak, Chief Operating Officer - Pharm.D.
A pleasure for me and all of my team having you with us in Argentina . feedback was VERY positive as evidenced by the standing ovation.
Rogerio Vivaldi, Vice President and General Manager - Genzyme
I hope that you are well aware of the great impact that your message made upon those at the symposium in Prague.
Yvonne Burke, Program Manager, Management Controls - Abbott Labs
I learned a great deal from you. Thanks for making an impact on my life.
Chris McDown, VP - Novation
Derek, your impact (no pun intended) was tremendous. Our team has connected with your messages both personally and professionally, and I'm sure we will see new behaviors and accelerated success in 2017.
Kay Whitmore VP Human Resources - Acadia Insurance
Great to meet you this week in Maine. Your presentation was fascinating, fun and thought provoking. I hope our paths cross again some day.
Lars Lindeqvis - Acadia Insurance