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The Co-Create Effect

What will the evolution of you, your team, and your organization look like?

Individuals, teams, and organizations must balance learning and performing to evolve. That evolution no longer comes from being the smartest in the room but from innovative collaboration with strategic relationships -...

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Addaptive Innovation – Adaptable Business Models for Changing Market Demands

From Signal Scouts to “Yes, And” Learning to Drive Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration

Create a sustainable competitive advantage, develop a relationship-centric culture, and have the audacity to fail and the ability to learn from those failures. Create greater market value than your...

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Return on Impact – Disruptive Technologies Impacting Your Business Model

How Will You Adapt to Disruption and Evolve Your Value-Add in the Process?

Return on Impact isn’t about Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. It’s about socially enabling organizations to listen louder, think faster, and respond to changing market dynamics, helping them reinvent, adapt, and relate in...

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Relationship Economics® – The Art & Science of Relationships

Leveraging Your Single Biggest Asset to Driver Performance, Execution, and Results

Focus on the quantifiable value of business relationships and provide a systematic process for identifying, building, nurturing, and leveraging personal and professional relationships. David introduces...

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