Marketing An Event? Use A Periscope, Of course!

A few days ago, Twitter introduced the world to Periscope: a brand new app that lets users see the world through your perspective via live stream. Twitter recently bought the start up for about $100 million and it has been making quite a ripple in the tech and social media world. Since its launch, Twitter shares have increased by 5% along with the emergence of things like this: a website that shows you a real-time stream of everything on Periscope.

Your reaction to this news could go one of two ways: 1) You could groan and roll your eyes at yet another source of “noise” on the internet and dismiss it. 2) You could look on the bright side and explore the multitude of ways this could be beneficial to you and/or your business. We’ve decided to go with the latter option because, quite frankly, it’s more fun.    

Marketing strategist, David Meerman Scott, has pioneered the art of helping people think innovatively with BusinessWeek bestsellers like ‘The New Rules of Marketing & PR' and many more. He’s all about the exciting prospects the real-time concept behind Periscope will bring to event industry professionals, planners, bureaus and speakers alike. (HINT: free marketing, brand awareness, PR) 

David is a great example of this next point. If you’re a speaker, you’re a brand! This could add an entirely new dimension of awareness to your brand or event, increase engagement for attendees and build some solid connectivity with your viewers. Speakers, this is your chance to show what you’re all about. Invite your Periscope followers to see your process of preparation for an event, what a normal day looks like for you, what exciting new city you’re speaking in, etc. The possibilities are endless and ultimately, you get to be in control. We hope this will inspire you to think adaptively with all of the constant change happening in the event tech world. Each update isn’t one more thing you must simply catch up on- it’s another idea for a new way to do things. 


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