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Danny Brassell education, literacy, leadership Danny Brassell education, literacy, leadership

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Danny Brassell has been the best presenter that we have ever had at our annual teacher training to date, and he far exceeded our expectations. Dr. Brassell is a captivating presenter who has the natural ability touch each and every audience member.
Carol Berg - Stratford School - Saratoga, CA
If you are a new educator please read this! You may want to stay in the profession more than 5 years after reading some of Dr. Brassell's books or hearing him speak.
Cynthia Tassos Phillips, former Vice-Chair - Texas State Board for Educator Certification - Austin, Texas
Danny's motivating presentations renewed our focus as teachers and leaders in our schools. His stirring stories were saturated with his passion and energy for reaching every child. Teachers are already requesting to hear him again!
Penny Thornton, Professional Learning Specialist - Muscogee Co. School District - Columbus, Georgia
Bravo! Danny's presentation was fantastic! The reviews/evaluations were 100% 'wow.' Danny delivered just what these teachers needed to hear. They left feeling validated, invigorated, and prepared with some new, fresh, successful activities and ideas.
Suzanne Witmer, Education Specialist - Pinal County Education Service Agency- Florence, Arizona
Danny Brassell is a cross between Jim Carrey and Robin Williams . . . . If you don't walk away from his seminar with ideas you can use tomorrow, you were unconscious during the presentation.
Nancy Bebrin, ESL teacher - Quaker Farms School - Oxford, Connecticut
Danny's presentation was the perfect fit for what my elementary school staff needed to hear about differentiated instruction given our large English learner population. It was filled with practical strategies teachers can implement immediately.
Edward P. Fiszer, Ed.D., Principal - NEW Academy Charter School in Canoga Park, California
I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Brassell speak several times about helping the young and not so young become more interested in reading. His talks are motivating, inspiring, and humorous; somehow he has touched a soft spot in everyone's heart.
Bryan Monfort, Vice President of Operations - Lawry's Restaurants Inc.
Danny Brassell is one of the best presenters we have had. He is energetic and kept our elementary teachers engaged all day. . . . Teachers who thought they had heard and seen it all raved about Danny and his useful resources and strategies for teachers.
Mary Ellen Conner, Director of Instruction - Dayton Independent School District, Texas
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Janis Gaul, Program Director for Elementary Language Arts - Galena Park Independent School District - Houston, TX
Danny Brassell gave our ESL teachers strategies that they began utilizing right away. They thoroughly enjoyed his humor, wit and the information he shared with us. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.
Abasi McKinzie, Immigrant Facilitator - Shelby County Schools, Memphis
Teachers could not stop raving about Dr. Brassell. Many headed straight for their classrooms to begin setting up for the new school year. We all left empowered to always be a positive influence in the lives of our students.
Carol Berg - Educator
Dr. Danny's presentations were engaging, full of energy and fun...but most importantly they were immediately useful for the classroom teacher.
Richard, Associate Superintendent - Norris School District
Awesome! Bravo! Captivating! Dynamic! I want to express my sincere gratitude to Danny for the excellent presentation he made to our beginning teachers. The reaction of the over 200 teachers who participated in the day has been overwhelmingly positive. Danny’s passion, vision and ability to communicate make an incredible difference in the lives of all he meets. He has changed hearts, minds, and definitely teaching strategies.
Dr. Katherine, Director of Teaching Leadership - Saint Mary’s College of California
Danny Brassell received glowing comments about his keynote address at our Conference on Inclusive Education. He was dynamic and engaging, reminding everyone in the audience that having high expectations while teaching and learning should and can be FUN! Here's what some of Danny's audience had to say: ‘wonderful; my favorite; amazing; I want him to teach my kids; one of the best speakers I have ever seen; he's what we need to hear more often; and Danny rocks!
Bronwen, Conference Coordinator - PEAK Parent Center
Danny Brassell did an amazing job in training with our staff. We had so much fun that the time flew by. We were all disappointed when the training ended. That is not something that you can say at the end of many trainings. We received practical strategies. The staff who were able to attend the training thoroughly enjoyed it and thanked us several times for bringing Dr. Brassell to our area!
Gail, Title III Coordinator - Lake Wales Charter Schools District
Dr. Danny was an inspiration to our teachers. He tailored his presentation to meet our needs and made the day exciting and very informational. We hope to have him back very soon
Brian, Principal - Hyde Park Elementary School
Danny's presentations were outstanding, and nearly all of the attendees who completed a conference evaluation form noted that Danny was the highlight of the conference! His expertise, humor, warmth, and friendliness was appreciated by the entire conference staff and those in attendance. I would not hesitate to bring Danny back!
Anthony, President - Iowa Reading Association
Danny will educate and inspire you into a life of reading and personal growth.
Brian Tracy - , Bestselling Personal Development Author & Speaker
Dr. Danny Brassell turns the highest principles of leadership into simple, universal truths that are easy to understand and easy to implement.
Alex Kajitani - 1. 2009 California Teacher of the Year
Danny is a catalyst that inspires you to remember why we chose our teaching profession.
Jeanne Madere - Elementary ELA Consultant
After meeting Danny it is hard not to be excited about your goals.
Terri Harden - Walt Disney Company Artist and Imagineer
Danny has the unique ability to inspire while providing a lot of highly valuable information.
Stacy Murschel, Principal
Danny’s presentation will make you stand up and cheer!
Dr. Andre Crafford - Instructional Specialist
At our annual conference, Danny helped to bring enthusiasm and joy back to the profession!
Gerri Hixenbaugh, President - Utah Council of the International Literacy Association
If you are looking for a “magical” experience for your event, Danny Brassell is one of the most dynamic and amazing speakers you will ever hear. Don't hesitate. Book him NOW!
John Formica - America's Customer Experience Coach
I love the way Danny masterfully crafted his message in a way that left the audience with practical takeaways we could implement right away.
Kalani Vale - Former #1 Trainer for Tony Robbins
Danny Brassell is an extremely dynamic speaker who is passionate about kids and literacy.
Laura Numeroff - Bestselling Author of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”
It has been two weeks since Danny’s presentation, and people are still talking about what they learned and how they’re changing their classrooms.
Debora Binkley - Associate Superintendent
From start-up entrepreneurs to the world’s most powerful CEOs, Danny can and will teach anyone how to be more successful and much happier doing what they love to do.
Kevin Knight, President - Liberty Management
Danny has the strength of a storyteller who entertains while weaving an educational message throughout each talk.
Sherry Winn - NCAA Championship Women’s Basketball Coach
Danny is the MAN! I can’t even begin to describe how much a fan I am of his work.
Alan Sitomer - Bestselling Author
Here’s the thing about Danny. You come away not only inspired, but with dozens of practical innovations to add to your own teaching bag of tricks.
Will Hobbs - Bestselling Author
Danny Brassell was quite funny.
Sonia Marzano - “Maria” on “Sesame Street”
You asked for it! Danny’s unique from of humor and speaking style has made him a schoolhouse word nationally. His straightforward, common sense advice is great for educators at every level.
Jim Grant, Executive Director - Staff Development for Educators
Danny was one of our most entertaining and engaging speakers…we look forward to having him back again.
Kristina Jackson, Coordinator - South Bay Adult School Parent Talk Coordinator
I found Danny to be a very inspiring speaker and highly motivated. He is all about what I believe to be true.
Patty Kramer, Teacher - Sterling (CO)
Danny’s presentations were energetic, interactive and entertaining. Teachers came away with literally hundreds of ideas on how to reach student.
Derek Shouse, Principal - Lawrenceburg (KY)
Danny is an energetic, dynamic speaker who will motivate you with ideas that you can immediately implement.
Barb Malinger - Literacy Coach
What enthusiasm – what motivation Danny has. He is a must see. Love him. All I can say is WOW!
Lori Shannon - Teacher
Danny was full of energy, got you up and was truly inspiring.
Linda Gardner
Danny’s message is unique in that it touches the hearts and minds of teachers, administrators and parents of students of all ages. He is one of the most outstanding speakers I have ever seen.
Mark Bedford - Teacher
Danny is one of the best motivational speakers for teachers and administrators ever! We left feeling energized and ready for the school year!
Carol Humphrey - Federal Programs Assistant Director