Fired-Up for the New School Year

You wonder where your summer went? Me, too! If you’re a parent, you probably devoted endless hours shuttling your kids to different activities. I know my wife feels like the school year will actually be a break for her. Speaking at school district convocations throughout the country for the past month, I have witnessed teachers, administrators and staff exhibiting different energy levels. So what can you do to fire yourself up for the new school year?


 1.     Surround yourself with positives. This is key. My wife only watches comedies on television, and she is a happier person for it. I watched a horrible show on TV the other night called “the news.” Lots of violence and sad stories. It totally depressed me. Better to watch sitcoms than political talk shows.


2.     Read for fun. So many of us are in such a hurry with work that we give ourselves no time to breathe and reflect. When work gets overwhelming, take a walk. Better yet, read 10 pages in that novel that has been sitting on your bedside table for the past three years.

3.     Help a colleague. Find someone who could use a helping hand and offer your support. There is a proverb that says, “no good deed goes unpunished.” I disagree. Whether others appreciate your efforts is none of your concern. You help yourself by helping others.  Your goal should always be to be better than yesterday. Constant growth is the key to your success.

4.     Keep work at work. We lose too many educators because they put in 25-hour days, 8 days a week. Pace yourself. You owe it to friends and family to find balance in your life.

5.     Smile, and be silly. Is silliness not your thing? True, some of us have less of an issue with acting foolish in public. My credo is to take my work seriously without taking myself seriously. Life is too short to be bitter. Try being better. Smile at strangers. Listen to the happy radio station on the way to work. Breathe, and think about how blessed you are to be healthy and employed.

Remember: YOU make a difference every day. Whether you are a teacher or a janitor, a principal or a parent representative, you are ALWAYS a teacher and a role model. Thank you for choosing to teach, and have a great school year!


Until next time, I wish you the best of success.

All the best, and God bless!


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