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Crystal Washington, DEI, Marketing Crystal Washington, DEI, Marketing

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Without a doubt you were the highlight of the conference! Your energy, enthusiasm and ability to pull in relevant EXL information and material were a home run! You have an amazing story and are so thrilled you were part of our special event - especially since we couldn't meet in person.

EXL Service

The audience reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. They loved the energy and great tips for updating their social media pages. Our attendees felt you were engaging and funny. They enjoyed sharing their thoughts and contributing to the group chat with their votes. You have motivated them to look a little closer at their social media sites with a fresh pair of eyes and gave perspective on how best to use them to their advantage.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Crystal you were simply OUTSTANDING!!! Your unique presentation style of knowledge, charm and eagerness to share information really touched our attendees and they left your sessions energized and eager to learn more in the social media space.

Marriott International

Our digital team attended Crystal's workshop on Social Media at an NNPA convention. We immediately went to work on a new Social Media strategy for based on what we heard from Crystal's workshop--After 8-months of activity, we've organically quadrupled our Followers on Twitter and our Likes on Facebook. The Philadelphia Tribune at has reported a 61% increase in average unique visits per month, and a 41% increase in average total page views per month. Now, that's value.

Philadelphia Tribune

I had the pleasure of attending a presentation from Crystal at an industry Marketing Summit in Vegas. While I had heard that Crystal was an expert in her field, this presentaiton really solidified that impression. Crystal's upbeat and gregarious attitude was contagious, and her depth of knowledge in this field, and her recommendations and applications were spot on. She did a good job of catering her broader social media knowledge to apply within our industry (multi-family).

Bell Partners, INC.

Crystal was a guest presenter for us as part of our new Author Branding initiative at We had a live webinar via Google+ Hangouts on social media and your career, and she was spectacular. She's a wonderful social media speaker and coach. Over 1,000 people registered for her broadcast, and everyone absolutely loved it.

As a speaker and a marketing strategist, I personally believe that the style and substance of your content was as savvy as it was intriguing On behalf of the people of the Republic of Ghana and the whole of Africa, thank you for a memorable experience.

Effusion Motivate