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Christopher Appleton

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Christopher Appleton

Christopher Appleton delivers a life-changing message to adolescents about sex, teen pregnancy, drugs and positive choices. He is a certified K-12th grade reproductive health specialist with an abundance of knowledge in HIV/AIDS, STD and teen pregnancy prevention. Chris has an overflow of passion and vivacity that's noticeable when he speaks. Armed with a huge heart, he will ignite and inspire your students to achieve their dreams and goals. Chris's objectives are to deliver a message that is motivational and entertaining at the same time. Known for his humorous delivery and passion to impact youth of all ages, he reaches out and touches thousands of lives each year with a fierce dedication to speak honestly and openly about these very important issues. In addition to his work with the youth, Christopher also conducts parent training seminars for those in need of assistance with raising their children. During the past eight years, Christopher's enthusiasm for reaching his generation has led him into a multitude of settings such as detention centers, school assemblies, churches, parent training seminars, residential homes and Detroit's toughest streets. Christopher undeniably pierces the hearts and minds of thousands of teens with his messages about choices and consequences. He possesses the ability to grasp and maintain the esteem and awareness of various ethnic groups while using his sense of humor and ambition to connect with people through his own life experiences. Christopher is highly recommended by school administrators, teachers, students, and parents alike.

Christopher Appleton
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Christopher Appleton
Featured Keynote Programs

Media Influence and Teen Sexuality Presentation

During the media presentation Christopher engages his audience by exposing the Medias secrets on how they glorify sex in mainstream media. This Program exposes how the media always glorifies risky behavior, but never shows any consequences. Chris is able to keep his audience on the edge of their seat as he uses mainstream music video clips and commercials to expose the lies the media is trying to sell to our youth. This is a powerful segment that intertwines the importance of positive choices and real life statistics gathered from the Christopher makes his point clear as he addresses topics like teen pregnancy, self-esteem and sexually transmitted diseases. Sit back and hold on to your seat as you will experience this high energy program with live DJ.

Audience will learn
The hidden messages in mainstream music and TV that Influences Teens every day
Audience will learn the important of Choices and consequences
Empower Students to live above the influence

"Impossible is Nothing" Facing the Giants

This presentation emphasizes the power of your DREAM. This is an upbeat presentation that engages teens and provokes them to think carefully about their own self-perception. As a result of this program teens will have tools to build a positive self-value. Chris imparts his 5 rules that make it virtually impossible not to achieve success. Teens will be encouraged to dream big in spite of difficult challenges.

Audience will learn 5 rules to achieving your dreams

Parent Program

This program offers vital information about communicating effectively with teens. This program will give parents necessary tools to talk to their kids about sex and positive choices. The parent program also includes a mixture of media influence and STD presentation’s as a bonus.

Youth Leadership Program “GREAT TRAINING”

“Great Training” is a Mentoring program that raises the expectation from mediocrity to greatness. Chris believes that leaders aren't born, they are built. This multi week program starts at a foundational level of building positive self-esteem. By the end of the program students will be equipped with tools to set them on the path towards great leadership. You won’t be disappointed as students will remain excited engaged throughout the whole process.

Session 1.
You are what you think
Are you a thermostat or thermometer?

Session 2.
Good is the enemy of great
Leaders Commit to the process of becoming great

Session 3.
Character and Integrity
Perfect vs. Perfection
Leaders aren't born, there built

Session 4.
Presentation skills
Verbal vs. Non Verbal communication

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Christopher Appleton

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