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Healthcare Transformation 3.0- From Artificial Intelligence to Brand Authenticity

Dr. Christine Dumas – television medical reporter, economist, author and senior advisor for the Center for Health Transformation, founded by Speaker Newt Gingrich – puts you at the center of healthcare’s new frontier where medicine, big data, artificial intelligence, consumer engagement and...

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Transformational Healthcare - How Business Leaders Can Get Ahead of the Curve in a Post- Healthcare Reform World

In the post-reform world of healthcare, American businesses will be among the most heavily impacted by the new legislation. From new regulations and compliance issues to dealing with potential caps on premiums, many businesses may already be significantly behind the curve on managing the impact...

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Brand Authenticity and Brand Building

Dr. Christine’s industry focus as a brand strategist and brand ambassador in life sciences, consumer brands, and the financial marketplace gives her a unique perspective that is invaluable in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

We are in an entirely new environment where businesses...

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Transformational Healthcare for the Future

The changing world of health care, and deciding how to best deliver it in the future is increasingly a headline news story. Public policy debates on which direction to go often lead to confusing end results. Transformational health care solutions that can provide patient centered, world class...

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Creating Your Best Life

In her refreshingly entertaining and straightforward style, Christine Dumas shares the candid advice that has motivated her throughout her career, inspiring audiences to take charge of their life, career, health and happiness.

Drive, determination and knowing where you want life to take you are...

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Building Your Strongest Brand: Successfully Reaching Women Across America and the Blogosphere

Today’s businesses require visionary strategies that quickly respond to rapidly changing conditions and intense competitionespecially among the trillion dollar “mom market.” Find out what this demographic thinks, needs and desires as Christine Dumas discusses her connections among women utilizing...

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Christine Dumas as Moderator and Entertainer

One of the most charismatic, entertaining and gifted moderators available today, Christine Dumas leads panel discussions with the perfect balance of information, entertainment and tone, while bringing out the best in diverse panels across the spectrum. More than just a facilitator, she can turn a...

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