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Ted Cunningham

Ted Cunningham is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri.  He and his wife, Amy, have been married for 27 years and have two children, Corynn and Carson.  He is the author of Greater Joy Twogether, Fun Loving You, A Love That Laughs, Trophy Child, and Young and In Love and coauthor of four books with Dr. Gary Smalley including The Language of Sex and From Anger to Intimacy.  Ted serves as a lead marriage coach for the American Association of Christian Counselors and is a regular contributor to Christian Counseling Today magazine. He is a comedian on the Date Night Comedy Tour and a frequent conference speaker at churches and corporate events across the country. Ted is a graduate of Liberty University and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Ted Cunningham
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Ted Cunningham
Featured Keynote Programs

Enjoying Life and Marriage

Guess what? You don’t have to choose between life and a spouse. You can enjoy both, and at the same time. Enjoying life, marriage and your spouse is possible when you prioritize the relationships in your home. This topic includes honoring marriage (Hebrews 13:4), enjoying marriage (Ecclesiastes 9:7-9), and prioritizing marriage (Genesis 2:24). This topic can be covered in one 35-60 minute session or expanded to 3 sessions. This is the most requested session filled with nonstop laughter. If you only need one session for couples, this is it!

(Recommended for Sunday morning services (all ages), evening events, date nights, one day events or keynote. It is the first session of Ted’s weekend marriage conferences)

The Four Spiritual Journeys of the Home

Eradicating the kid-centered home begins by prioritizing marriage in the home (Genesis 2:24). The greatest gift parents give their children is a mother and father who love each other deeply, because a great marriage is the single most important parenting tool. To prioritize the spiritual journeys in the home take personal responsibility for your journey, serve your spouse’s journey, model Jesus in your marriage journey for the sake your child’s journey. This topic does not alienate single parents or blended families, but equips them to discover balance in the home and prepare their children for future relational success. This topic can be covered in a 40-75 minute session.

(Recommended for Sunday morning services (all ages), evening events, one day events or keynote. It is the first session of Ted’s weekend parenting conferences)

Misery or Mystery?

Most couples make three observations shortly after marriage. One, you discover your spouse is selfish and weird. Two, your spouse tells you that you are selfish and weird. Three, you justify the situation with, “Well, at least I am not as selfish and weird as my spouse!” Marriages are called to model the gospel of Jesus. He is the profound mystery and secret to marital success and happiness. “A consumer relationship lasts only as long as the vendor meets your needs at a cost acceptable to you. A covenant relationship is binding and the good of the relationship takes precedence over the immediate needs of the individual” (TKeller). In a covenant relationship you submit to one another out of reverence for Christ (Ephesians 5:21). That is the profound mystery. This session addresses the selfishness and woundedness that prevents us from living out the gospel in our marriage.

(Recommended for Sunday morning services (all ages), evening outreach events, and date nights that desire a time of more serious reflection.)

The 6 Levels of Communication

ing understood? What if your marriage was marked by genuine listening, understanding and validating? This session walks each spouse through the six levels of communication (Small Talk, Facts, Opinions, Feelings, Desires/Needs, and Beliefs) and gets beneath the surface of issues and into the heart (Proverbs 4:23). This session receives the most “I wish we would have heard this years ago” comments from spouses and couples. This topic can be covered in a 40-75 minute session,
depending on time allotted.

(Recommended for couples’ events and date nights where a little more content is desired)

Ted Cunningham
Featured Books

From Anger to Intimacyby Ted Cunningham

From Anger to Intimacy

by Ted Cunningham
All couples deal with anger. How they respond to it makes all the difference in their relationships and their lives. In From Anger to Intimacy, couples learn how to:

- resolve conflict, hurt, and pain in a healthy way
- overcome feelings of anger, frustration, and rage
- learn how to forgive and nurture a forgiving spirit
- craft the perfect apology
- break sexual addiction and heal after an affair
- and much more

This life-changing book is now available in trade paper.
Fun Loving You: Enjoying Your Marriage in the Midst of the Grindby Ted Cunningham

Fun Loving You: Enjoying Your Marriage in the Midst of the Grind

by Ted Cunningham
Fun Loving You encourages you and your spouse not to take yourselves too seriously as you face lifes struggles together. Its biblical message is simple yet life-changing: Are you married? Have fun with it.

Ted Cunningham
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