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Peter Greer

Peter Greer is an award-winning author and president and CEO of HOPE International, a global Christ-centered economic development organization serving regions across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. 

Peter has coauthored 15 books, including Mission Drift (selected as a Book Award Winner from Christianity Today), Rooting for Rivals (selected as a Leadership Resource of the Year in Outreach magazine), The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good (selected as one of the top 40 books on poverty by WORLD magazine), Created to Flourish (which his mom reviewed with five stars and a smiley face emoji), and Lead With Prayer, (releasing in January 2024).

Prior to joining HOPE, Peter worked as a microfinance adviser in Cambodia and Zimbabwe and as managing director for Urwego Bank in Rwanda. He received his B.S. in International Business from Messiah University and an MPP in political and economic development from Harvard's Kennedy School. 

More important than his role at HOPE is his role as husband to Laurel and dad to Keith, Liliana, Myles, and London. While his sports loyalties remain in New England, Peter and his family live in Lancaster, PA. 

Peter Greer
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Current: Faith and Holistic Poverty Alleviation

Time 09:26

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Faith and Holistic Poverty Alleviation
Time 09:26
Mission Drift
Time 28:30
Mission Drift with Ed Stetzer
Time 51:25
Christian Responses to Poverty
Time 33:14

Peter Greer
Featured Keynote Programs

Enduring Hope

Around the world, discouragement erodes the vitality of transformational organizations. Visionary leaders succumb to cynicism. Zealous advocates give up. Seasoned ministers coast as their passion for the cause grows cold. Peter encourages followers of Jesus to move past the false hope of idealism, reorient amid the faint hope of disillusionment, and rekindle the forgotten hope stolen by cynicism to sustain true hope in long-term service. He shares candidly from his own experience, from global leaders, and from the book of Jeremiah as he points to the God of hope.

Mission Drift

Without careful attention, faith-based organizations will inevitably drift from their founding purpose. It’s that simple. Slowly, silently, and with little fanfare, organizations routinely drift from their mission. Peter shares how to keep the organizations, schools, churches, and ministries you love to stay on track.

The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good

Too often, we hear of good people doing good work who make very bad decisions. From making ministry your mistress to Christian karma, this talk explores the hidden attitudes that can derail Christian leaders. In an honest and personal style, Peter explores the ways to serve faithfully—and how the greatest danger we face isn’t an external factor, but the internal attitude that matters most.

Rooting for Rivals

Faith-based organizations are sometimes known for what we're against--and all too often that includes being against each other. But amid growing distrust of institutions, nonprofits have a unique opportunity to link arms across our organizational boundaries and pursue a calling higher than our own agendas. Rooting for Rivals reveals how your organization can multiply its impact by cooperating, rather than competing. Peter explores case studies illustrating the power of collaborative partnership and shares failures and successes in pursuing the power of openhanded leadership.

Peter Greer
Featured Books

The Gift of Disillusionment: Enduring Hope for Leaders After Idealism Fadesby Peter Greer

The Gift of Disillusionment: Enduring Hope for Leaders After Idealism Fades

by Peter Greer

Hope for Leaders Facing Burnout and Discouragement

Around the world, discouragement erodes the vitality of organizations. Visionaries often succumb to cynicism. Zealous advocates give up. Leaders coast as their passion for the cause grows cold.

Grounded in research, this book is an invitation for followers of Jesus to sustain hope in long-term service. It's about moving past the false hope of idealism and the faint hope of disillusionment to discover true Christian hope.

You will gain encouragement through the study of the book of Jeremiah woven throughout as the authors explore how the Lord prophetically met and sustained Jeremiah during his lifetime of faithfulness despite literally nothing going as he'd hoped. Glean further inspiration by reading the stories of Christian leaders from around the globe: Zimbabwe, Haiti, Guatemala, Poland, Palestine, the Philippines, India, Zambia, and Lebanon. For this is a moment when we need the global Church's perspective and influence.

Don't give up and don't check out. These are confounding and perilous days, yet God's sustaining presence can bring joy, hope, and encouragement even amid heartache and disappointment.

Rooting for Rivalsby Peter Greer

Rooting for Rivals

by Peter Greer
The Board and the CEOby Peter Greer

The Board and the CEO

by Peter Greer
Watching Seeds Growby Peter Greer

Watching Seeds Grow

by Peter Greer
Created To Flourishby Peter Greer

Created To Flourish

by Peter Greer

Peter Greer
Featured Reviews

Peter Greer
Featured Articles & Resources

Peter Greer and Chris Horst: Rooting for Rivals

Rooting for Rivals (Baker Publishing Group/Bethany House, 2018) WHO: Peter Greer, president and CEO of HOPE International, and Chris Horst, vice president of development...
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Why I hate being a foster parent (and why we will do it again)

Nothing has broken my heart quite like becoming a foster parent. This weekend, we said goodbye to a six-year-old little boy who loved chocolate chip pancakes, Spiderman,...
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Courageous Compassion

Our faith is perhaps most visible and most compelling to a watching world when people are in need. In 260 AD, amidst the height of a deadly plague that inspired a...
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Spiritual Amnesia

Twenty years ago, I graduated from college with a passion to work with a global organization in microenterprise development. Willing to go anywhere and do anything, I...
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