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Bestselling Author, Dramatist, and Inspiring Speaker

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Nicole Johnson

A bestselling author, performer, and motivational speaker, Nicole Johnson is one of the most sought-after creative communicators in America today. Her unique ability to blend humor with compassion as she captures the inner-most feelings of women facing life's daily struggles, has enabled her to create a unique sense of community for women of all ages.

Over three million women across America have seen Nicole's live portrayals of the challenges facing today's mega-multi-tasking woman. Nicole Johnson's "Fresh Brewed Life " message is giving "Hope for the Daily Grind" to thoughtful women who are motivated but often find themselves overextended. She addresses issues ranging from the comedic struggle of motherhood to the tragedy of dealing with breast cancer, and issues in between, like "What am I going to wear?" and "How will I cope with football season?"

Through letters and e-mails, women have responded to Nicole's "motivational entertainment" with gratitude for the intimate, accurate understanding her performances, DVDs, and books convey. From "Tammie Jean," who dishes out southern-fried wisdom, to "Kathy," who suddenly finds herself in the ring with the heavy weight champion of the world, Cancer, Nicole's original characters come to life in sketches full of comedy and poignancy that encourage and inspire women everywhere.

Where does Nicole's wisdom come from?

Like many women across America and around the world, she has faced spirit-crushing challenges in her life: the divorce of her parents, childhood loneliness, and a difficult marriage that ended in a painful divorce. In the midst of these trials, Nicole gathered together the pieces of her pain and formulated a life-changing philosophy: Life's greatest value can be found in these broken pieces in that, like the grinding of coffee beans, only when the individual pieces are crushed can they come together to create something far more wonderful and potent than any of the pieces could alone.

Fueled by her passion to communicate, Nicole creatively uses her many gifts to express her "Fresh Brewed Life" philosophy. Nicole has 20 years' experience as an actor, television host and producer, and has published eight books and a variety of curricula regarding relationships. She has written and performed sketches for the Women of Faith Conferences and written and directed dramas for The Revolve Tour. For three years, she wrote and performed dramatic sketches with relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley, bringing her unique perspective to his seminars. For the Revlon Run/Walk for women's cancers Nicole performed her "Stepping into the Ring" vignette before a crowd of 40,000 in Times Square. She has also worked and traveled extensively with World Vision, and international relief organization. Additionally, she travels across the country speaking and performing her original dramtic sketches with churches and other organizations.

She is an author of 8 books, including "Keeping a Princess Heart in a Not-So-Fairy-Tale World" and "The Invisible Woman" --an encouragement to hardworking women everywhere who feel unseen in their daily lives. Her best-selling debut, Fresh Brewed Life, is one of Nicole's most popular works providing readers with a fresh, relatable and authentic approach to being a woman in today's society. Her latest release, the 10 year Anniversary Edition of "Fresh Brewed Life: A Stirring Invitation to Wake Up Your Soul" is a revised and expanded new edition of the bestselling original that launched her "Hope for the Daily Grind" message. With updated chapters, new chapters added, and 10 more years worth of experience and wisdom that is good to the last drop, this latest arrival is sure to leave your cup overflowing!

When not traveling, Nicole makes her home in Santa Monica, California with her husband and two children, Elliot and Abigail. She enjoys writing at a local coffee shop, dining with friends, and walking on the beach.

Nicole Johnson
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Current: Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy

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Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy
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Nicole Johnson
Featured Keynote Programs

The Life-Changing Lessons of Love

One needs to look no further than Scripture to realize the Bible is filled with real people who had real problems--needs, hurts, questions, and longings. Some were never mentioned by name, like the woman caught in adultery, or the man with the withered hand. Yet, they all had a dramatic encounter with God. Nicole Johnson invites you to experience unforgettable encounters some men and women had with Jesus. Combining creative storytelling to bring familiar stories alive in a fresh and vibrant way, Nicole will encourage your audience to take a second look at Jesus, and His Life-Changing Lessons of Love.

The Invisible Woman

There is nothing like the pain of feeling invisible to those around you. It especially hurts when you are serving, giving, and loving, and no one seems to notice or care. In discussing the predicament of "The Invisible Woman", Nicole Johnson understands and affirms those who live with great responsibility without receiving any recognition. Whether you are a hard working Mom, in ministry, or are simply trying to balance out the challenges and demands of life, Nicole's message will bring the comedy and loneliness of the invisible woman's plight to life. And through her unique blend of speaking and drama, you will see that the invisibility that at first feels inflicted, ultimately brings an invisible woman real significance and meaning. A hopeful message for all walks of life!

Keeping the Heart of a Princess in a Not-So-Fairy Tale World

Fairy Tales still offer hope! More than just wonderful stories, they provide powerful glimpses into the three deepest longings of a woman's heart:
The Desire to be Known
The Desire to be Loved
The Desire to Know that All Will Be Well
Fairy Tales still offer hope! More than just wonderful stories, they provide powerful glimpses into the three deepest longings of a woman's heart:
• The Desire to be Known
• The Desire to be Loved
• The Desire to Know that All Will Be Well
Yet these nuggets of gold gleaned from fairy tales not only stir our fondest longings, they can also provide a breeding ground for our deepest hurts. But in the hands of the King and through the eyes of faith, these fairy tale longings can lead us to the invisible kingdom where the gold is fashioned into a beautiful key that will unlock our darkest pain and set our hearts free. Nicole Johnson shows how we can discover our "Princess Hearts" and keep it alive by believing the most wonderful tale of all time--one that is wonderful because it is true! This message is communicated through Nicole's unique blend of drama and speaking --creating an event made for royalty!

Living a Fresh Brewed Life

God is calling you to "Wake Up!", to shout an enthusiastic "Yes!" to life, just as we say yes to our first sip of coffee each morning! With wit and wisdom, Nicole Johnson will lead you on a journey of awakenings--first, to God as you respond to His tender, passionate love for you; second, to yourself as you embrace your identity as a woman, your gifts, and your dreams; and finally, to others as you learn to love and communicate in ways that bring joy and closeness. Challenging and immensely practical, Nicole's "Fresh Brewed Life" message, communicated through her words and original dramatic sketches, is good to the last drop!

Nicole Johnson
Featured Books

Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy: Making Room for Your Soul in an Overcrowded Lifeby Nicole Johnson

Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy: Making Room for Your Soul in an Overcrowded Life

by Nicole Johnson

Are you working harder than ever but feel like you’re accomplishing less?

Does your morning routine make chickens running around headless look sane?

Is your deepest sense of calm found in the bathroom with the door locked?

Do you check social media more than five times per day? Per hour?

Author, speaker, and actor Nicole Johnson knows what it’s like to feel as if you’re drowning in crazy. When she couldn’t catch her breath or stay awake long enough to talk with her husband, let alone God, she sought to find new ways of “being” in her life. Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy is a voice of possibility and peace for women seeking to find a calm spiritual center in a crazy, runaway world. As a wife and mom of young children herself, Nicole recognized that life had become out of control. And, with the help of a crisis, she started her journey to create the very calm she was craving.

Nicole’s voice is authentic, humorous, and practical, and at the same time deeply spiritual and real. She brings rich storytelling together with her desire to find calm, and in the process discovers a deeper faith. Her personal story grounds the book as she abandons mere tips and tricks (and the empty promises of time saving apps), to explore new practices—like creating a room of her own, setting technology boundaries, rediscovering the spiritual disciplines of quiet and still (they’re not bad words)—and then extending those practices to provide a safer, stronger refuge for calm to dwell.

Nicole’s journey is shared with relatable stories, insightful help, and practical ideas that explore the inner life of a recovering crazy busy woman finding her way to calm and a deeper relationship with God.

Fresh-Brewed Life Revised and Updatedby Nicole Johnson

Fresh-Brewed Life Revised and Updated

by Nicole Johnson

Do you need hope for the daily grind?

Are your responsibilities and commitments robbing your life of joy?

Are you sleepwalking through your days?

Are you on the sidelines of your life as a spectator instead of fully participating?

This is your wake-up call to a Fresh-Brewed Life.

Nicole Johnson invites us to wake up to a richer, fuller, more flavorful life than we ever imagined. In a robust blend of relationship, ritual, and hope, we are summoned on a journey of discovery that awakens us to God to ourselves, and to others. And- like lingering over a cup of coffee- this is a process to be savored.

Since first published ten years ago, Fresh-Brewed Life has helped more than 100,000 women wake up their souls. Now revised and expanded with additional chapters, more journaling ideas and fresh-brewed adventures, and a brand new discussion guide, Fresh-Brewed Life will help start brewing your own, richer, more meaningful life.

Keeping a Princess Heartby Nicole Johnson

Keeping a Princess Heart

by Nicole Johnson

How can a woman live with hope . . . in the midst of reality?

You were once a little girl, dreaming of happily ever after like a fairy-tale princess. But unlike the fantasy world of Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, reality has hit you hard.

Living in the not-so-fairy-tale world of laundry, kids, carpools, and your sometimes not-so-charming prince, you wonder how your heart wil survive, because what you have isn't even close to what you hoped for. Hang on! Real hope is found in the tension between the two?in an invisible kingdom. This place is where you discover the true heart of a princess?one full of dreams, wonder, delight, and joy.

With rich insights and compelling stories, Nicole helps you discover the timeless truths that can transform a woman's heart into the heart of a princess. You are recognized by the King, loved by the Prince, and promised the happiest happily ever after of all times.

The Invisible Womanby Nicole Johnson

The Invisible Woman

by Nicole Johnson

There is nothing like the pain of feeling invisible to those around you. It especially hurts when you are serving, giving, and loving, and no one seems to notice or even care.

In creating The Invisible Woman, Nicole Johnson shows how much she understands the difficulty of living with great responsibility without receiving any recognition. Nicole puts us inside the mind and heart of Charlotte Fisher.

And as we walk through Charlotte's story of feeling invisible, we experience the comedy and loneliness of her life. The invisibility that at first feels inflicted ultimately brings her real significance and meaning.

Drawing her strength from the invisible builders of the great cathedrals, Charlotte realizes she is not invisible to God, and this simple truth changes everything for her. Faith is rekindled in her heart as she seeks to love her family in ways that only invisibility makes possible.

Nicole Johnson
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Nicole Johnson
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Article from Seasons Weekend Any real beginning is a miracle.  To write a book, or start a company, or turn to a clean page in your journal, requires some divine spark of...
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