Laura Ingraham | National Radio Host, Best-Selling Author, TV Commentator

Laura Ingraham

National Radio Host, Best-Selling Author, TV Commentator

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Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is the host of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News. Since its launch in October 2017, her program has dominated cable television ratings in its 7pm time slot. Before that Laura hosted one of the most popular syndicated radio shows in America. In her 17 years on morning radio she covered four presidential elections, and interviewed everyone from Henry Kissinger, Bono, Quincy Jones, and Donald Trump. She hosted the first live national radio shows in Iraq during the war in 2006, witnessing the human toll of multiple dangerous deployments on our brave military. Laura is also the author of five books spanning 20 years--Including the Hillary Trap, Shut Up & Sing, The Obama Diaries and her most recent Billionaire at the Barricade. Before embarking on her media career, Laura was a criminal defense attorney with a focus on white-collar litigation, and served as a law clerk for the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States. She often credits her mother's tireless work ethic and her family's blue collar background as driving factors in success. And as a mother of three internationally adopted children, Laura is a passionate advocate for expanding adoption opportunities for American families. She resides in the Washington, DC area with her family.

Laura Ingraham
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Laura Ingraham
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Busting the Barricadesby Laura Ingraham

Busting the Barricades

by Laura Ingraham

Previously published as Billionaire at the Barricades.

Americans didn't just go to the polls in 2016. They joined a movement that swept the unlikeliest of candidates, Donald Trump, into the Oval Office. Can he complete his agenda? Or will his opponents in the media, protestor class, and political establishment block his efforts and choke off the movement he represents?

In Busting the Barricades, Laura Ingraham gives readers a front row seat to the populist revolution as she witnessed it. She reveals the origins of this movement and its connection to the Trump presidency. She unmasks the opposition, forecasts the future of the Make America Great Again agenda and offers her own prescriptions for bringing real change to the swamp of Washington.

Unlike most of her media colleagues, Ingraham understood Trump's appeal and defied those who wrote his political obituary. Now she confronts the president's critics and responds to those who deny the importance of his America First agenda. With sharp humor and insight she traces the DNA of the populist movement: from Goldwater's 1964 campaign, to Nixon's Silent Majority, to Reagan's smashing electoral victories.

Populism fueled the insurgency campaigns of Buchanan and Perot, the election of George W. Bush, and the Tea Party rallies of the Obama presidency. But a political novice--a Manhattan billionaire--proved to be the movement's most vocal champion. This is the inside story of his victory and the fitful struggle to enact his agenda.

Power to the Peopleby Laura Ingraham

Power to the People

by Laura Ingraham
In her latest, radio personality and author Ingraham (Shut up and Sing) calls on the American people to take back the phrase "Power to the People" from the anti-establishment groups of yesterday that, today, have made the country, according to Ingraham, "a slave to fringe groups, political correctness, expanding bureaucracies, and our own consumerism." Taking an approach that makes mutually exclusive groups out of those "working and taking care of their families" and the "protest culture," Ingraham's message is loud and clear: "they're coming for you." Specifically, "they" means the Lifetime network (brainwashing women to "swear off men and family"), the growing ranks of "Team Atheist" (including Dan Brown), "family deconstructivists," illegal immigrants and Islamic jihadists, among others. Chapters cover most of today's hot button topics-the war in Iraq, homeland security, the judiciary, the news media and global warming-with attitude and conviction. Ingraham's commentary on the lack of education in our schools and the "pornification" of the culture contain her most sound, articulate arguments (bolstered by a wealth of statistics), but Ingraham's assembling tactics are overzealous; still, fans of her strident radio show should be pleased to find more of the same here.

Laura Ingraham
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Laura Ingraham

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