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Pro-life activists and Advocates for Conservative Values

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Jason & David Benham

The Benham brothers, identical twins and former professional baseball players, are serial entrepreneurs and international business leaders, having created & developed several profitable businesses around the world. The same timing, skill, & determination that once benefited them on the baseball field catapulted them to the top of the business world in just a few short years. Their first company grew to 100 locations in 35 states and has been recognized by dozens of publications, including: Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Business Leader Media, and others. David and Jason were also named Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Finalists in 2012. The brothers recently signed a straight-to-series reality show with HGTV to host a new show called "Flip It Forward" in the fall of 2014. Yet they were instantly catapulted onto the national scene when the show was abruptly cancelled due to their commitment to traditional values. As a result, Jason and David have been featured on nearly every major news network in the country and are increasing in popularity at break-neck speed. The brothers' umbrella company, Benham Companies, was built to provide value in multiple spheres of the marketplace, including real estate management/sales, business consulting, tax planning, technology resource development, social entrepreneur creation, movie production, & global efficiency development. The companies' core values of Breathe Life, Produce Value, and Be Faithful in the Little Things are used as calipers to measure the Benham Companies success. David & Jason serve as Co-Chairman and Founders of the Benham Foundation & Cities4Life, where their dedicated commitment to helping others continues through Pro-Life ministry, Human-Trafficking Prevention, & Caring for widows, orphans, and the poor. They also pioneered a new missions concept called "Missioneering", which creates self-sustaining revenue models for overseas missions. The Benham brothers provide inspiration and energy to a wide variety of audiences addressing all areas of life - Leadership, Business, Work, Philanthropy, Health & Fitness, Athletics, Marriage & Family, Faith, & Finances. David is married to Lori, and they have five children. Jason is married to Tori, and they have four children. The brothers are still highly competitive, but in this case Jason has conceded the loss! http://www.BenhamBrothers.com

Jason & David Benham
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Who Are We?
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Jason & David Benham
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Leadership is best described as ones ability to create an appetite in others. We are all appetite creators, so we are all leaders at some level. The question is, what kind of appetites are you creating? What kind of leader are you?

The brothers glean from decades of athletic and business successes to cultivate a taste in the audience for authentic leadership.


Having developed more than ten companies over the last decade, the brothers draw from time-tested business principles to provide real life solutions to professional audiences. Principles such as:

Be a Fountain Not a Drain
Be a Producer Not a Consumer
Produce More in Value than You Take in Pay
Work to Your Ability & Not Your Pay
Breathe Life Into Every Transaction
- continued...

The brothers also tackle provocative questions like:

What is Work?
What is Profit?
What Defines You?
Why Make Money?
- continued...


The brothers speak extensively about their faith and how it is who they are. In a recent statement regarding the HGTV cancelation the brothers said, "If our faith cost us the show, then so be it." Yet they are quick to point out that it was their faith and dedication to the principles of the bible that brought the incredible success that attracted multiple television networks!

They are often quoted, "For us to take credit for doing anything good in our lives would be like a shovel taking credit for digging a hole. We're just the tools God uses to get the job done!"

Because their faith in Jesus is who they are, the brothers deliver messages covering all of life. From pulpits, boardrooms, & conferences to graduation ceremonies, fundraisers, & special events the brothers enjoy these platforms to encourage others in their faith.


The brothers utilize time-tested principles to engage audiences at marriage conferences and family retreats, relying on humor and real-world experience of what "not to do" as a spouse and as a parent.

David has been married to Lori for 15 years, and they have 5 children. Jason has been married to Tori for 13 years, and they have 4 children. They are still in the heavy-lifting years of family, so they draw from real-life entertaining & funny experiences to encourage marriages & parenting.

Jason holds a Masters Degree in Counseling with a specialty in Marriage & Family. He claims that his brother David could've never passed this program, so he chose to stick with just a Bachelor's Degree! Jason and his wife Tori counsel young couples in their home and have found a real passion for helping couples navigate the tough waters of "the first five years!"

Fatherlessness is an epidemic in America. Divorce is at an all-time high. There's never been a better time to address the key critical issues undermining the family. The brothers feel that the breakdown of the family is the breakdown of society, so it is vitally important to them to strengthen families.

Jason & David Benham
Featured Books

Expert Ownership: Launching Faith-Filled Entrepreneurs into Greater Freedom and Successby Jason & David Benham

Expert Ownership: Launching Faith-Filled Entrepreneurs into Greater Freedom and Success

by Jason & David Benham

Are you seeking financial freedom?

How about a thriving business and healthy relationships?

What about all that plus a vibrant faith that impacts the world and enough time in your day to make it all happen?

Then Expert Ownership is for you!

Best-selling authors and nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs, David and Jason Benham, reveal their proven path to help you grow your revenues, transcend the grind of over-work, and live the rest of your days in freedom and success. Or as they call it, you can live as a “SeeYaPreneur” for life!

Based on Scripture as a manual for business development, their 12-step program walks you through the path they took to scale their business from one location in NC to 100 offices in 35 states, achieving financial freedom by the age of 33 and gaining their time back to focus exclusively on impact around the world.

In these pages, you’ll discover the mindsets and the methods that will drive your business to success and empower you to pursue your God-given calling in the marketplace while strengthening your core relationships at the same time.

Are you ready to become an Expert Owner?

"David and Jason show you how to achieve incredible success by making God and family the cornerstones of your life.”

Dave Ramsey, President, Ramsey Solutions

“David and Jason’s business success is similar to our own - God’s grace and a lot of grit. I love these guys!”

Curt Richardson, Founder, Otter Box

“The Benham boys have got it down straight!”

Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty & Duck Commander

“The Benhams have helped me immensely in business and challenged me to run our race team God’s way!”

Dave Alpern, President, Joe Gibbs Racing

“David and Jason have the God-given ability to speak directly into specific problems or roadblocks, as well as the foresight to point out things you might not be thinking about. And they truly love people - combine that with their innate business sense and you’re left with a lasting impact!”

Landon & Kat Eckles, Founders Clean Juice

“I brought my entire team of managers to their office, and the brothers poured into them with Bible-based kingdom principles that revolutionized the way my team saw their work. I’ve enjoyed watching them work with newfound purpose and passion!”

Andy Osbolt, Zaxby’s

“In just one hour working through the Benham’s 4S model, my paradigm for business completely changed. I’m finally going to be able to become the absentee owner I’ve always wanted to be!”

Brian Echevarria, Founder C3 Coffee

“Insights from David and Jason have taken my business from $250k in revenue to over $1mm.”

Steve Pinkerton, Owner Crossfit Vitality

"Over eight years of business growth, I craved mentorship and advice. I found it with Benham Brothers' Expert Ownership! Even while taking the class I was able to immediately put lessons learned into action -- which helped me make hiring decisions and organize my business in a way to truly scale.”

Brian Jackson, Owner, Mighty Missouri Coffee Co

“The Benham's have decided both privately and publicly to take their stand as Christians. Not willing to hang out in the closet of spiritual complacency, they have positioned themselves as beacons of light in the midst of cultural compromise and spiritual mediocrity.”

Dr. Tony Evans, Pastor & Best-Selling Author

“David and Jason’s story will move you with compassion and challenge you with resolve to stand on the firm foundation of God’s Word—whatever the cost!”

Franklin Graham, President, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Beauty in Battle: Winning in Marriage by Waging a Warby Jason & David Benham

Beauty in Battle: Winning in Marriage by Waging a War

by Jason & David Benham

Beauty in Battle is not just another marriage book - it’s a blueprint for how to energize your relationship, give you purpose, and draw you close to your spouse by turning the tension that divides you into energy that fuels you.

In these pages,Jason and Tori Benham share their story of how they turned conflict and quarrels into passion and purpose by leaning into their struggles rather than trying to avoid them. As a result, they discovered that fighting together drew them together.

Their message is clear - you don’t need to stop fighting; you need to start fighting … the right way.

When you and your spouse choose to no longer fight against each other in a personal battle but alongside one another in a spiritual war, the results are amazing as you begin to recognize your God-given purpose together.

In this book, the Benhams take you to a basketball court where a flirtatious stranger exposed a problem in their relationship. You’ll travel along with them on a cruise ship where a suitcase was flung across their room. They’ll invite you to a party where one of them (not mentioning names!) jumped across a kitchen island to punch someone in the face. They’ll even walk you into their master bedroom where God used a dream to reignite their passion for each other, and the three-step plan He gave them to get it back.

Laced with practical insights and easy-to-follow steps, Beauty in Battle will help you discover:

  • The number one relationship killer and how to stay away from it.
  • How to combat negative thinking toward your spouse.
  • The one key that will magnetize you to your spouse and your spouse to you.
  • How to win your love back when “you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.”
  • Why there was a wedding crasher at the first marriage in history and how he showed up at your wedding too.

We all fight. The question is, will you discover the beauty in battle? Beauty in Battle will help you do just that.

Living Among Lionsby Jason & David Benham

Living Among Lions

by Jason & David Benham

Meet Daniel. A Transformed Man Who Transformed His World.

What does an ancient Jewish prophet have to do with modern America? What, if anything, can we learn from a man who lived 2,400 years ago as a captive in the land we now call Iraq? As it turns out, quite a bit.

David and Jason Benham are convinced the biblical example of Daniel  holds the keys to contemporary Christians thriving in a world  increasingly hostile to people of faith. Like Daniel, believers today  find themselves in a changing culture, one opposed to the God they  serve. Yet, like Daniel, they must learn how to stand strong while  loving and serving the people around them.

Living Among Lions is for Christian brothers and sisters who have the potential to transform their world but find themselves standing in the shadows wondering how to live faithfully in an unfriendly environment. Divided into three sections, Living Among Lions covers three distinct characteristics that made Daniel strong: Conviction, Commitment, and Courage.

Daniel possessed all of these qualities and lived them out. As a result, God gave him unprecedented favor and supernatural power. A mere slave living in exile, Daniel emerged as one of the most powerful men in the known world. Daniel's conviction, commitment, and courage empowered him not merely to survive in Babylon but to thrive. He did not conform to his world-he transformed it!

Whatever the Cost: Facing Your Fears, Dying to Your Dreams, and Living Powerfullyby Jason & David Benham

Whatever the Cost: Facing Your Fears, Dying to Your Dreams, and Living Powerfully

by Jason & David Benham

“Two nationally-acclaimed real estate entrepreneurs share biblical principles to revolutionize your work and family life, and give you the courage to stand up for what is right.”

This book follows the story of highly motivated and entrepreneurial twin brothers, David and Jason Benham, from their formative years and ventures into professional baseball to their rise as owners of a multi-million dollar business empire and securing an HGTV reality series. It’s a journey where the brothers learned how they must die to their dreams not just once, but twice as they walked away from baseball before being called up to the Big Show and later as their TV series was stripped away from them just before airing when the network succumbed to media pressures surrounding their faith. These experiences only helped them realize that the key to powerful living is found when you die to your dreams and face your fears, and choose to live powerfully through it all. The biblical principles they implemented to guide their work and families are revealed in practical terms to apply to our daily lives and give us courage to stand for what is right. The book will expand on principles such as:

  • Show that You are Faithful in Little
  • Be a Fountain to Others and not a Drain
  • Produce More in Value than You Receive
  • Work to Your Ability and not Your Pay
  • Breathe Life into All Situations
  • Remember that You are Human Beings, not Human Doings
  • Hold to a Standard of Disciplined Living
  • Don’t Swing at Every Pitch
  • Find Your Greatest Blessings on the Other Side of Your Greatest Fears

Jason & David Benham
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