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Brian Hicks

With an onstage energy that's been called "an adrenaline rush," Brian Hicks has become a sought-after speaker across the country. He's been labeled "a master storyteller," and "Part Billy Graham, part Bill Engvall."

Brian's message has reached over 100,000 people at companies & organizations including Aflac, Kaiser Permanente, MetLife, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Nissan, Farm Bureau, Colonial Life, and The National Association of Health Underwriters. It resonates because he's been leading and training salespeople his entire adult life, and today is a business development consultant in the employee benefits space.

He honed his skills in the trenches, with Fortune 500 insurer, Aflac, in sales, management, and training. When he retired 20 years later, at age 40, he was a senior leader for the company's #1 producing state sales organization.

He then launched a new company that was listed on the Inc 5000 within 4 years. He's a former sales columnist for Benefits Pro Magazine, author of an inspirational novel called The Tinderbox Tapes, and is even in The Smithsonian.

Brian lives with his wife and their 3 boys outside Nashville, TN. If the weather is right, you'll often find them driving their Jeep in the country with the top down and the doors off.

Brian Hicks
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Brian Hicks
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Tend the Flame!

When Brian was married, his minister father read Leviticus 6:12-13 exhorting Brian and his new bride to “Tend the flame” of their relationship. He has since learned that his father’s advice applies to every area of life: at church, at home and at work. In this talk, Brian weaves humor and scripture with the story of eighteenth century minister John Wesley to inspire audiences to become “Expert Flame Tenders” in their lives everyday.

John Wesley founded the Methodist church after being told there was no longer a place for him in the established church. Without a church in which to preach, Wesley was broken and defeated. With the encouragement of his Oxford friend, George Whitefield, Wesley put his hang-ups aside and began preaching in the open air - without the blessing of The Anglican Church - and the Methodist movement was born.

When asked how he drew such large crowds to those open-air sermons that birthed the church, Wesley said, “God just lit me on fire and people came to watch me burn.” Brian asks audiences, “Is anyone coming to watch you burn?”

Wesley was considered “too enthusiastic for the pulpit” by the Anglican Church. Brian challenges your group by asking whether they could be accused of being “too enthusiastic” as a spouse, parent, leader, employee, minister… No matter their role, if no one is coming to watch them burn, they have a problem.

With his trademark humor and wit, Brian helps your group see why tending the flame is so important, and how to do it in their lives.

Astound Yourself Today!

Whether it’s a restored relationship or a passionate pursuit, we all dream of creating a new world for ourselves. More often that not, however, we don’t move from the dreaming to the doing. Brian believes we’re all guilty of choosing content and convenient over what we’re capable of. In so choosing, we sell ourselves & our families short, but more importantly, we dishonor God.

Thomas Edison said, "If we all did the things we're capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." In this program, Brian encourages your group to astound themselves each day and reminds them that astounding themselves is not as hard as it sounds.

It's been said that, “Many people dream of creating a new world; Thomas Edison dreamed of creating a new world and then did it!” In this program, Brian challenges audiences to dream of creating their new world & then go do it - following the simple Biblical philosophy used by people like Edison for centuries.

Using his signature brand of humor, Brian helps your group better understand that success in life is not a magical, inexplicable outcome but rather the result of fundamental attitudes and activities that begin with trusting God and trusting yourself.

Brian Hicks
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