Skye Jethani

Skye Jethani, Faith, Christian, Church theology, culture, christian, faith, community outreach Skye Jethani, Faith, Christian, Church theology, culture, christian, faith, community outreach

Skye Jethani Speech Topics

Millennials & the Future of Faith
The data is undeniable—millennials are the least religious generation in U.S. history. Believe it or not, this could be great news for the church. Skye looks at the research surrounding millennials and faith to unpack why existing church structures and approaches are struggling to engage young...
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But Now I See
Christians in the U.S. are the richest, most resourced followers of Jesus in history, and thousands of ministries are striving to help people follow Jesus’ teachings. So why isn’t it working? Skye unpacks what many modern Christians are missing—how we act in the world depends on how we see the...
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Redeeming Work
Does God really care what you do Monday through Saturday? Many of us live with a sacred-secular divide that assume God values “religious” activities and is indifferent toward our ordinary work. Skye obliterates this view by reconstructing a historic and biblical theology of vocation. You’ll...
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Redefining “Radical”
The only thing I fear is living an insignificant life.” That’s what a well know Christian leader said to 60,000 young adults. Unfortunately, the way our culture and the church defines significance lays heavy burdens on people and, ironically, robs significance from them. In this life-giving...
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Work is the New Sex
Not long ago Christians were very uncomfortable talking about sex while our culture was obsessed with it. As a result, an entire generation grew up within the church with an unhealthy vision of sexuality. Are we not repeating this error with work? Skye explores the remarkable research about...
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Spiritual Growth in a Consumer Culture
Consumerism is more than an economic system and it’s temptations are not limited to materialism. Consumerism is a worldview through which we see, engage, and respond to the world usually without even realizing its presence or power. Consumer values also shape the way we interact with God and our...
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The Idol of Effectiveness
We all care deeply about the work of God in the world and we want our efforts to be fruitful, but could our focus on effectiveness have a dark side? Skye explores how the influence of corporate consumer values has elevated the importance of effectiveness among Christian leaders, and how this can...
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