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Roddy Chong

Virtuoso Violinist, Inspirational Speaker, Innovation & The Scrappy Factor

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Roddy Chong
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Introduction to Roddy
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God’s Plans Are Beyond Our Imagination

As a Chinese-American, Roddy never imagined being a member of one of the most successful country music bands of all time (Shania Twain). He also never imagined he would find the great comfort and strength of the Lord in his darkest hours. Roddy shows audiences how to be open to God’s opportunities and to rise to their God-given potential. (Ephesians 3:20, Matthew 19:26)
• Audience members will learn how to discover their God-given unique strengths and that “different” is good.
• Participants will learn how God is our help before, during, and after a personal downturn. • Attendees will also learn how to remove distractions, interruptions, and other ensnarements from
their lives — in order to better pursue God’s plans.

Letting God Lead

Roddy introduces audiences to the basics of following God’s leadings — through the Bible, prayer, mentors, and actively listening to God. Roddy explains how to follow God as part of our fundamental foundation. Then we find the beauty of being able to say, “Look what God has done” and how this takes the pressure off of us and gives the glory to God. (Hebrews 4:12, John 14:26)
• •

Audience members will learn how “letting God lead” is simpler than we often make it. Participants will learn the difference between creating one’s own vision and asking God to bless it rather than discovering what God is planning and joining Him as He leads. Attendees will also learn how to be open to experience different influences than the norm — which leads to new possible leadings from God.

Little Things Matter

How do we move forward with a God-given vision? How do we effectively get from here to there in a worthwhile endeavor? Roddy teaches on how seed-sized faith can produce forest-sized results — often unexpected ones — and how executing small, wise, strong moves leads to great things of God. Little things matter, and with faith, they add up quickly! (Matthew 17:20, Proverbs 6:6)
• Audience members will learn biblical examples of how slow and natural processes lead to exponential results.
• Participants will learn how biblical wisdom can be stronger than intellect.
• Attendees will also learn how God can use one meaningful moment to change the entire course of one’s life.

Comfort In The Uncomfortable

Roddy has learned the hard way how to seek comfort with God and innovate within the uncom- fortable — how one can truly turn trials into character. During times of frustration and struggle, God can reveal great insights and moments of brilliance. This message shatters stale perceptions

* Audience members will learn about the virtue of “scrappiness” and how this tool is essential for innovating within the uncomfortable.
* Participants will learn that discipline is not only for our children, but if we are truly disciplined, then our children become more disciplined also.
* Attendees will also learn how correcting course from a failure is essential to navigating the future more accurately with God at the lead.

Roddy Chong
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Roddy Chong

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