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Chelsea Cameron

Passionate, Dynamic Speaker on Women's Issues, Mother, Actress

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Chelsea Cameron

Chelsea and her husband, Kirk Cameron played love interests Mike and Kate Seaver in the 1980's hit sitcom "Growing Pains". They've been married for over 25 years, and have six children. Together, they continue to produce faith-based entertainment for the entire family. Chelsea's unique faith-based marriage and family class, 24/7 Family, continues to teach, inspire, and encourage women of many backgrounds to discover the secret of a healthy, happy, brave and fruitful home.

Chelsea Cameron
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Chelsea Cameron
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As a firm believer in parents taking the primary role in the educating of their children, Chelsea encourages and strengthens home school families. Utilizing her experiencing home schooling her own kids, Chelsea relates with parents in a unique and fresh way.


Take a look around. Marriage and families are crumbling everywhere as society de-emphasizes their importance. Divorce has become an easy alternative to working things out. In fact, according to the CDC, the United States averages one divorce about every 38 seconds. Forty-three percent of children are growing up without a father, and studies show children of divorce suffer academically, mentally, and physically. Overall, our culture is suffering as God’s plan for the family is eroded. We can't afford to get marriage or family wrong.

But if we transform our marriages and families — if we revive them into a source of strength and power — we can change culture. The statistics show that when a husband and wife put God at the center of their marriage they are not only less likely to divorce, but they're also happier. Heaven starts in the home and it flows out from there.


Wife of Kirk Cameron and mom of six, Chelsea has lived out the ‘spirit of adoption’ and owes her own life and family to the work of pregnancy centers and the pro-life movement. In this keynote, she’ll share her story of having been adopted as a baby after her birth mom was counseled at a pregnancy center to not abort. Chelsea grew up in a loving home and, after marrying Kirk, grew a great family - the first four of six kids being adopted.

Chelsea has a passion for the work of pregnancy centers and looks forward to helping grow your ministry.

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Chelsea Cameron
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Chelsea Cameron

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