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Kevin Sorbo, Pro-Life, Faith Entertainment, Entertainment, Actors NSB Kevin Sorbo, Pro-Life, Faith Entertainment, Entertainment, Actors NSB
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Kevin Sorbo

World-renowned TV Star & Filmmaker, Best-Selling author of “True Strength”, and Stroke Survivor Inspires and Motivates for Pro-life, Education, Business, and Health.

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Kevin Sorbo, played the lead role on the ground-breaking “Hercules” TV series, speaks from the heart to audiences around the world. As the titular star of the number one TV show in the world for seven years and the victim of three strokes during that time, he carries a gravitas to his audiences on the topics he’s passionate about: health and perseverance, honesty and overcoming, and pro-life. After his prolonged recovery and another hugely successful TV series ...

Words cannot express what a blessing Kevin Sorbo was to Life Choices. He was one of the most sincere and effective speakers we have ever had. He was genuine and his message was right on target for a pro-life audience.

Pat McClerkin - Life Choices Memphis

We were blessed to have Kevin Sorbo as the keynote speaker. Not only is he a humble and down to earth "MAN," but a gracious servant who helped us raise sponsorship to underwrite our event.

Don Vigil - San Joaquin County Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Kevin's knowledge and exceptional talents enabled him to deliver a powerful and heartfelt message that was used in a mighty way, and is still resonating throughout our communities as those present continue to share the excitement.

Jan Lupia, Executive Director - HEARTbeat At 22

Kevin was amazing. Not only was his life story incredible but he is a funny guy. He had the whole room laughing. He did three things that were awesome.
#1 shared his story, #2 shared our story and #3 told people to get involved with us. Kevin is the real deal. It is great to know that we as Christians have a voice in Hollywood trying to stand up and do the right thing.

Beth, Director of Stewardship & Public Relations - The Oliver Gospel Mission

Kevin Sorbo was the best yet in all the speeches I have heard through the year. His dynamic yet humorous personality was engaging to the entire audience.

Banquet attendee - Metro Maryland Youth for Christ

Kevin delivered a stirring and powerful testimony on the power of inner strength in overcoming unexpected life changing events. He was professional and responsive.

David, Chairman - San Jaoquin Leadership Prayer Breakfast
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