This water is tepid - not room temperature.

Shawn Hanks: CEO
March 08, 2016

Shawn Hanks


This Top 5 list image caught my attention this morning. (Thanks for sharing,Vince.) I immediately nodded "yes" knowing the stress levels of our event partners. Planning and executing events demands a wide skill-set.


Can you organize a huge volume of information? (Here are 17 hotel options each with different services. Decision by 3 PM today.)

Are you able to make quick decisions based on limited info? (The coffee service is missing for 800 people after this session? Super.) 

(Tech for next plenary session is down AND 2 of the 5 panelists are demanding the other's removal. Counselor or AV tech first?)

Can you solve complex problems at 11:38 PM after a long day? (Time to do a room drop for 1,386 attendees located in 4 different hotels?)

But the common denominator between these top 5 roles is this: They each have stress because they each have value. I daily read comments directed to our speakers that say something like "your ideas or challenge changed my life." That impact occurred because someone PLANNED for it to happen. 

Event planners, I was excited to see this attention and recognition given. Now, make sure everyone in your office sees this list! 

Source: LinkedIn