5 Chapel Speakers to Help Kickoff the School Year

July 19, 2016

Shruthi Lapp

Marketing Coordinator


T.C. Stallings

  • Starred as Tony Jordan in the film War Room
  • Author of ‘The Pursuit’ 

One of T.C.’s highest priorities throughout his life has been to share Christ’s message with anyone who will listen. After a highly successful career in football, he kickstarted his highly successful acting career with a role as ‘TJ’ in the film Courageous. The roles kept coming soon after he made the move to California and signed with an agent. T.C.’s life is a powerful testimony of the greatness that happens when someone stays true to their convictions and bringing something positive to a potentially toxic industry. 


Karen Abercrombie

  • Actress
  • Singer-Songwriter & Producer

Karen is a gifted, award-winning storyteller who recently received the Movieguide Grace Award for her role as Miss Clara in the film War Room. Unsurprisingly, her talents go beyond acting. Karen launched her own production company, Tapestry Entertainment, as a way to continue adding substance, depth and positivity to the world of film. 


Jarrid Wilson

  • Best-Selling Author of ‘Jesus Swagger’ 
  • Top Faith-Based Blogger

Jarrid is multi-faceted speaker who isn’t afraid to venture out into uncharted territory. He has written a multitude of viral articles which have reached the eyes and hearts of millions of people. Most importantly, Jarrid is constantly challenging himself as well as others to push the limits of spiritual growth and ask the tough questions. He is a deep well of valuable insight and perspective of spirituality in Christ because of his ability to ask good questions, study God’s word about those questions and grow.


Chad Williams

  • Former U.S. Navy SEAL
  • Author of ‘Seal of God’ 

Chad was forever changed after his mentor, Navy SEAL Scott Helvenston was brutally murdered in Fallujah during a tragic ambush. His determination to follow in his footsteps allowed Chad to persevere through some of the most difficult military training sessions and graduate as one of 13 out of 173 students to become a SEAL. Chad has an amazing testimony of the way his first-hand encounters in the war-zones of Iraq have strengthen him in another important way: his faith in Christ.


Travis Rosen

  • Competitor on American Ninja Warrior
  • Father of three, strong faith witness

Travis’ pursuit of athletic excellence is a perfect reflection for his pursuit of spiritual excellence as well.  He was a fierce competitor on season seven of American Ninja Warrior and wowed the world. He was set ablaze by his love of Jesus, his wife and three kids to ultimately accomplish what only one other American earned: victory over the world’s most challenging obstacle course. His incredible physical and mental stamina makes him a riveting communicator.

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