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Mandy Arioto

Mandy Arioto working mom, mom, Christian women Mandy Arioto working mom, mom, Christian women
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Premiere Exclusive

Mandy Arioto


About Mandy Arioto

Mandy Arioto is the President and CEO of MOPS International, and is widely known for her unique takes on evangelism, parenting, and cultural issues. Through MOPS, which every year mobilizes millions of women, and partners with tens of thousands of churches, Mandy serves as the voice of one of the most influential outreach organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Mandy has been featured on MSN, FOX, CBS, and hundreds of radio, TV and print publications. She is the author of three ...

Mandy is a masterful storyteller and a powerful leader. She was by far the favorite speaker at our event.

Jamie Kelly - Anchored Women's Conference

When Mandy is around everyone becomes better. She has the unique ability to make you laugh and cry, and then leaves you wanting more.

Mariah Jenkins - Southeast Methodist Church

Mandy is a leader of leaders. Her influence is staggering. Want to mobilize a crowd? Mandy is your girl.

Pete Moonves - CBS Radio

Mandy Arioto was a delight to interview -- we found her energy contagious, her vulnerability refreshing and her perspective on motherhood filled with encouragement. Her episode was undoubtedly a crowd favorite, and we'd love to hear from her again in the future.

Ashlee Gadd - Coffee + Crumbs

When Mandy speaks, hearts open. When Mandy cares, our world heals.

Hank Fortener, Chief of Staff - PhilyMack
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