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Kerri Pomarolli

Actress, Comedienne, Author & Speaker

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Kerri Pomarolli
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Current: The Whole Body Challenge

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The Whole Body Challenge
Time 03:10
How To Pickup a Guy
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Can't lose the weight? Decorate.
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God Has A Purpose For You
Time 04:16

Comedy for All ~ Stand-up Comedy

Tailored with all of Kerri's hilarious standup comedy, this presentation is appropriate for any audience from 5 years to 99+ and can include a message to fit your audience's needs.

Crushing Clean Comedy is Kerri's thing, after all!

Say Yes to God!

Are there any 'type-A' control freaks out there? Kerri discusses her journey to become famous and how she TOLD God, "When I win an Academy Award, then I'll say your name!" Well... God got her attention and won her heart. Listen to how that happened and learn how God always has a spectacular ending in mind for each of His children. Kerri's honesty and inspiration will have everyone wanting to say "YES!" to God.

God's Not Done with You Yet!

Battling loneliness and a sense that she would never fit in with the cool kids in Hollywood, Kerri found wisdom and friendship with an 87-year-old woman named Betty--who was about to change her life. Betty, truly showed Kerri the importance of Titus, in chapter 2. Learn to take your 'Church Mask' off and be vulnerable. Discover that you don't need to 'earn' God's love. Hear Kerri's stories of wisdom, that will make your side ache and bring healing tears of laughter to your soul. -Kerri is still a prayer partner with Betty to this day!

Tales from a Proverbs 32 Woman

Rising early or plowing a field was never going to be Kerri's thing, which left her feeling wanting in God's eyes. She was more of a Proverbs 32 woman, rising late and letting her kids cook her breakfast! Kerri shares stories about not quite measuring up to 'Christian Ideals' and exposes the lie that women need to do and have it all; dispelling the burden many women carry to be perfect in order to be Christian.

When you struggle with control issues, how do you give your plans and desires to the Lord?
How can you feel worthy of God's love?
Does God sweat the small stuff? Does he care that you almost brushed your teeth with diaper cream and haven't showered for three days?

What do you do when you feel like you can't do it anymore? Is there room for mistakes in God's Kingdom?

Kerri Pomarolli
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Kerri Pomarolli

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