Ron McGehee gets a chance to talk for once...newsletter from Ron!

Hey everyone, Ron here!!! Kerri's letting me give you guys a shout out. We have got some awesome stuff heading your way. I'm writing this to you from CANADA!!! I hope their internet translates well with ours. It's beautiful up here. I'm in a cabin with my wife, 2 kids, and my in-laws. (I think that's the story THE SHINING was based off of.) We got to meet up with Incredible Radio personality DREW MARSHALL who will be chatting with Kerri as he does every month. ( Drew and his lovely wife took us out to dinner. (We have a deal that whoever is from the country pays.) We had some authentic Canadian food. Did you know that up here they're not called buffalo wings, but moose wings? But we did treat Drew and his wife to the exotic American food at the "Panera Bread Company". Oh yeah, we had a coupon.

Also, we are going to attend and perform at Kerri's High School Reunion!!! This is the most nervous I've seen Kerri before an event. (Even more nervous than the Jerry Lewis Telethon). Kerri is very concerned that she look as good as possible for her peers. She has been working out and dieting like crazy!!! (I don't think moose wings are on that diet, but international fats and sugars don't count is what Kerri said.) Kerri has encouraged me to join her in her preparations as well. (By gunpoint.  Kerri said if I don't look "proper" by the reunion that she would have to "re-cast" the role of her husband. She means it too. Our daughter Lucy has been recast by that girl from "Little Miss Sunshine"!)

I also have some incredible news. By overwhelming, popular demand, we are bringing back the "NON-TOXIC COMEDY NIGHTS"!!! It will be September 16th at Flapper's Comedy Club in Burbank, CA ( You can also join our Non-Toxic Facebook page ( Be a part of Non-Toxic Entertainment all over the country from comedy, films, television, live theater, music, and beyond!!! You can help support clean comedy by letting others know right now about the next comedy night and contacting the club now to get tickets.

Well, I gotta run--I think there is an antique shop that my mother in law insists I'm gonna love. Don't forget for those of you in Dallas, we'll be with Glenn Beck at the Restoring Love conference. You can buy tickets here!

Please check our calendars for upcoming shows in Nebraska, San Antonio, Dallas, Arkansas and many more.

Talk soon,

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