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Prior to launching Q, Gabe Lyons served on the team that co-founded Catalyst, the largest gathering of young church leaders in America. After seven years of leading the Catalyst movement, he recognized that there was a deep need within the American church for heightened cultural exposure and understanding, Gospel-centered critical thinking, and active collaboration among church leaders who would chart the future of the church in the West. Gabe's work represents the perspectives of a new ...

Gabe provocatively spoke to parents and students about essential conversations we need to be having. To the parents, I believe eyes were opened to the reality that the world is not the same as we all grew up knowing. As he spoke to students, I know that, while some may not be on the same page with him spiritually, many others were encouraged by his direct challenges and profound leadership in shaping culture.

Randy Vaughn, Director of Advancement - Fort Worth Christian School
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