Chrystal Evans Hurst

Chrystal Evans Hurst, Women's Ministries Chrystal Evans Hurst, Women's Ministries
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Chrystal Evans Hurst

Co-author of Kingdom Woman with her Dad, Dr Tony Evans

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Dallas, TX, US
About Chrystal Evans Hurst

Chrystal Hurst is an energetic, life-loving woman who loves to encourage others to maximize their full potential. Chrystal firmly believes God's promise in Jeremiah 29:11, "I know the plans that I have for you " and she desires to help others believe and apply that truth to their lives.

Chrystal is a gifted writer, speaker, and worship leader. Being the eldest child of Dr. Tony and Lois Evans, Chrystal has been influenced greatly in the art of leadership, the technique of dynamic ...

The only way to describe Chrystal Evans Hurst as a speaker is 'Spirit-inspired.' Chrystal encouraged our entire audience with the reminder that while our calling is not always easy, it is always essential. She is a gifted speaker who allows the Lord to speak through her, drawing His purpose for each of us to the forefront. Chrystal is a blessing who not only brings encouragement, but the Truth of God's Word to all who have the pleasure of listening to her - and as promised, it does not return void.

Kay Sanford - Care Net
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