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Chad Eastham

Chad Eastham, Abstinence Chad Eastham, Abstinence
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Chad Eastham: Life is Better Together
Chad Eastham: Truth About Guys

Chad Eastham

Author, Youth Relationship Speaker

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About Chad Eastham

Chad Eastham understands today's teens and young adults. More importantly, they understand him. Chad is relatable and funny. He's real. He weaves complex facts with fun in a unique and humorous way that hits home. He tells them its okay to be uncertain, and to ask questions honestly. Amy Chandy, Head of William Morris Endeavor Live Events and Women of Faith said, "I have never seen 10,000 teenagers so quiet. They held onto every word." And, "I've never heard anyone talk like this to ...

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Guys Are Waffles Girls Are Spaghetti - The Fun Guide To The Sexes

Chad Eastham’s popular presentation on the “gender thing”, in a fun way that makes sense and involves food, pretty easy. Starting with guy's, girls, feelings and brains, he talks about brain ...

Stuff They Forgot To Tell Us . . . About Friends, Love, God, Each Other, & The Ostrich

In an upbeat and eclectic presentation (think Malcolm Gladwell books meet faith and young people, with humor), this presentation focuses on some interesting subjects that often fall in between the ...

The Truth About Guys

Chad Eastham tells it like clearly is . . . to girls . . . from a guy’s perspective. In roughly an hour format, he is known for his ability to speak clearly and humorously on this basic GUY thing, ...

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