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Algernon Tennyson

Algernon Tennyson, founder and president of Awaken International Ministries, is a dynamic and passionate evangelist with a heart for today's young people. His unique speaking style captures the full attention of any audience while imparting Biblical wisdom on the many issues facing our society today. From local churches to youth conferences and camps to national organizations on university campuses, he has spoken nationwide for over 25 years, successfully reaching across all denominational and racial lines.

Algernon has a radical personal testimony on how Jesus Christ changed his life. As a young man, excelling as an athlete, his life's purpose changed when he heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After serving in the US Navy, Algernon has pursued God's Call to speak boldly and passionately about His transforming Grace to all believers. This testimony, along with his gift of evangelism, has enabled him to reach youth and adults in a very powerful and effective way.

In addition to his reach nationwide, Algernon continues to travel internationally, leading mission trips and equipping and teaching young adults on evangelistic and apologetic issues. Algernon has also been engaged in the fight against human trafficking and remains committed to fighting this epidemic. Will you join in the battle to set the captives free? Both physically and spiritually through your prayers, and financial support.

Born and raised in Georgia, Algernon with his wife and sons currently live outside of Atlanta.

Algernon Tennyson
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Algernon Tennyson
Featured Keynote Programs

Youth and College Ministry:
Youth and College Ministry:

Topics include Boldness and Confidence in God's Truth, Finding Your Purpose, Sharing your Faith, Fighting Temptation, Living in Holiness

International Mission Outreach and Training

Will set up and lead your mission’s outreach.

Evangelism Training and Outreach in a Postmodern Era for all age groups:
Evangelism Training and Outreach in a Postmodern Era for all age groups:

Topics include Creative Local Missions, Effective Witnessing, Christian Apologetics

Algernon Tennyson
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Algernon Tennyson

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