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Chris Heeter

Leadership Speaker, Wilderness Guide, Dog Musher and Poet

About Chris Heeter

Featured on the Discovery Channel's 'National Geographic Today' and recognized with national awards as a speaker, Chris has followed her own Wild path since she was young. A wilderness guide for 30+ years, Chris leads groups deep into the wilderness by canoe or dogsled. The abundant parallels between these adventures and the workplace make up the core of her presentations. Chris grabs audiences with humorous stories about her dogs and their personalities, then weaves those stories into ...

The big thing for me is our managers connected so much with what Chris was talking about they were immediately applying what they had learned once they returned to their teams in the stores. Chris was so clear and easy to understand.

Connie Boltinghouse, Vice President of Operations - Sport Clips

Chris is a fantastic storyteller. Her delivery is comfortable, relaxed and resonates across a diverse audience. Dogs of course are a great draw, and Chris had a line out the door waiting to get in! Her stories and analogies from her outdoor adventures evoke emotions that everyone in the audience can connect to in their personal and professional lives. Her humanistic approach brings empathy back into the equation to address workforce challenges.

Jessica Arky - TC-SHRM

Chris facilitated the first day of our retreat for 40 leaders. Her engaging storytelling and natural wisdom resonated with everyone. She challenged us to be authentic while leading change.

Karen Poel, Senior Director - Lifetime Fitness

Chris was an absolute hit in the FlashPoint general session yesterday, and Chris's Master Class was packed!!! Thank you so much for connecting us with REAL people that have REAL stories and that find the way to the heart of our audience immediately.

Miranda van Bruck - Meeting Professionals International, World Education Congress

Chris's talk could not have been more on point. She was captivating and gave us valuable insights and new ways of thinking. She incorporated exercises so that we were not passively absorbing information, but taking it and doing something with it. Everyone in the room walked away with new wisdom to help get through one of the most demanding and important times of our year. In summary, I found Chris to be generous, insightful and moving.

Pamela Bradley, HR Manager - Keiter CPAs and Consultants
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