Chic Street Man

Chic Street Man

His Music Transcends Cultural and Attitudinal Barriers, Bringing His Message

About Chic Street Man

Chic travels extensively performing in clubs, colleges and universities,theaters, special events, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, festivals and benefit shows. His lyrics focus on the positive alternatives while entertaining in a spirited manner. Chic's music transcends cultural and attitudinal barriers, bringing home his message of racial harmony and ethnic diversity through acoustic bluesy ballads, funky rhythms and jazzy upbeat originals.

Chic is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz ...

Through his music Chic creates an environment so safe that even the most diverse groups join with him to reach out to each other.


His performance is food for the soul and sweet, sweet music to the ear! With a voice like an angel's--think Aaron Neville, only more so--Chic Street Man could sing stock market reports and still enthrall.


Chic's presentation received the highest rating on our evaluation form of any of the weekly staff development sessions we had all year.

Micael Kemp - Coordinator of Staff Development, Career and Counseling Services, UCSB
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