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Highlight Reel
Time 04:51
The Steamboat Institute
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View from Washington

The only thing certain in today's business climate is uncertainty. Business and political veteran Carrie Sheffield will guide your audience through today's shifting terrain to help you guide your team onto solid ground.

The Political View
Sharp Insights From a Political Media Veteran

Seasoned journalist Carrie Sheffield has spoken with the brightest minds on both sides of the political aisle. She offers behind-the-scenes insights into the state of play for upcoming legislative battles, high-profile court cases, and elections.

Intelligence Briefing
Master Today's Risk With a Geopolitical Veteran

Your business faces constant risks, both known and unknown. Former Wall Street risk manager and experienced political analyst Carrie Sheffield helps uncover these risks and puts them in context for now and the future.

Carrie Sheffield
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Carrie Sheffield

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