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From a Student Mindset to a Scholar Mindset; Empower the Student!

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Carlton Ashby
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The 21st Century Student Leader

As we travel through the 21st Century learning model, colleges, universities, and employers have begun to place a focus on leadership and character education. In this presentation called the Leader in Me!, participants will learn how to develop internal motivation in children, how to weave character education in the curriculum, and how to develop children to be 21st Century Global Leaders and Learners.

The Habits of Mind

In 21st Century Learning Model, a heavy emphasis is placed on developing higher level thinking skills. Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Metacognition Thinking have become essential in school and more importantly in life.  In this session, the presenter will share activities, stories, and lessons to promote higher level thinking in the early childhood and elementary student. It is critical that children develop these skills during the early stages of life, since this, as Dr. Vivian Walker has stated, is where their “Mental Models” are developed.

What’s in my Toolbox? (Smart is Something You Become!)

As we work with children and particularly children who have challenges grasping skills, we must help students assemble a great learning skill toolbox to have on hand.  Students must develop an inner dialogue that tells them, “I can become smarter every day, not only in my academic development, but also in my social and emotional developmental growth areas.”   We cannot lose focus of the importance of developing the “Whole Child”.  Research clearly shows us that if I feel good about who I am (positive self-esteem), and I understand the importance of traveling through the process, I will achieve and create my desired product (end result). This is taught by understanding relationships with children, holding high expectations of children, consistently delivering intentional specific praise, and understanding and teaching the compound effect.

The High School Graduation Gap & the Elementary Child

Our mental models are developed in our primary and elementary years. In order to have children who are “At Promise” and not “At Risk” develop a growth mindset of success we must develop a sense of high expectations within ourselves as “EdYOUcarers.” Educators teach subject matter,
“EdYOUcarers” teach children. There is a BIG difference. We must bring out the potential that is locked inside our children.
We have to demand within ourselves and ignite the spark in each child in our setting a belief system and thought-process of success. This session will provide and empower those who touch the lives of children to teach children the importance of a private victory, the power of a positive attitude, the importance of personal accountability, and how to have children think and dream big for success.

Taking Our Elementary Children From A Student Mindset To A Scholar Mindset

For over 35 years, Carlton has successfully had his elementary children consistently score above average on quarterly assessments, benchmarks, and reading comprehension tests. How was this accomplished by developing the whole child? The practices and methods included the following; labeling our children as “scholars”, “gifted” (yes, gifted because every human being has a gift. Some just see their gifts earlier than others), learning and reciting inspirational poems, a powerful morning message led by a child, inviting guest speakers into the room weekly, practicing the 3 channels of listening, and bi-annual etiquette luncheons and recognition ceremonies.
However, the number one reason for this accomplishment is connecting with each scholar in your learning environment and developing the whole child. In this session, participants will view the presenter’s learning environment and receive specific practices on how these achievements takes place.

Have You Started Your Day With “Why” Instead Of “How” Today?

To turn Educators (they teach subject matter) into “EdYOUcarers” (they teach children!), you must begin with Simon Sinek’s concept: Start with “why “ you do what you do instead of “how” you do what you do. “Why” is the motivation, “How” is the process, and “What” is the product. You can’t get to the product (end result) until you travel through the process. What’s in the process for your student’s achievement? Your understanding of the “AQ” factor, your commitment to each child, the leadership skill-set in you, and your vision of success for children.
However above all, your paradigm of thinking and how you think about every child in your education circle is crucial. It is insight over eyesight. Remember: To whom much is given, much is required! In this session, those working with children will see the essential components of these concepts and how they have a major impact on the success of children.

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