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Words cannot express the gratitude we have for Buzz Sutherland and the time he spent with us in Ocala. I knew Buzz was going to be great . . . but I did not know he would surpass even those expectations.
Timothy Sullivan- President - Preferred Clinical Services
Buzz was terrific and his act was perfect for our audience. One of our managers just stopped by my office to say "Thanks" and said that at one point in the act he was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe.
Michael L. Koff- Senior Manager - Sony Electronics Inc.
Buzz was hilarious and entertaining and absolutely perfect for our group! In today's diversity-conscious environment, it was such a pleasure to have an entertainer whose program was good, clean and non-offensive.
Lane Fletcher - Southern Natural Gas
As a meeting planner, it is always a challenge to choose entertainment that will appeal to a majority of 1200 attendees. In 27 years of conferences, you are the first entertainer we've ever had that received a standing ovation.
Michael Mikitka, CMP - Warehousing Education & Research Council
Your professionalism was unmatched along with your ability to read our crowd and provide just the right amount of humor to have the audience in stitches, only to follow with a very positive take home message on the importance of family and humor.
Richard T. Howerton III - President & CEO, VHA Georgia
Buzz went over wonderfully. He is such a pro. I couldn't believe how quickly he judged the crowd and how well he timed his performance. It was just right. Not too long or too short; and hilariously funny..
Pam Buecker, Director of Education and Communication - VHA, Inc.
Buzz was one of the funniest banquet speakers we have ever had, and I am taking full credit for booking him!
Gary Markenson, Executive Director - Missouri Municipal League