Jimmy Yeary | Grammy Nominated Songwriter and Expert on Making Connections and Storytelling.

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Jimmy Yeary

Grammy Nominated Songwriter and Expert on Making Connections and Storytelling.

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Jimmy Yeary

Jimmy Yeary is the rarest of speakers. Because his content is filled with instantly recognizable moments, audiences are quickly taken to a high level of energy. For well over a decade, he has influenced millions of people--how they think and what they think about--on a daily basis. Jimmy Yeary is not only a highly sought-after speaker, he is a hugely successful songwriter and his music is all around you.
Jimmy Yeary was writing songs long before becoming the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning supergroup SHENANDOAH. These were years that saw Jimmy performing #1 hits like Mama Knows, Somewhere In the Vicinity of the Heart, and Sunday in the South.

Today, in Nashville and Los Angeles, one of the most common calls in the music industry is from an artist's representative to Sony Publishing requesting availability on songs from Jimmy Yeary's catalogue of music.

It's not surprising. Jimmy has written more than two-thousand songs, many of which have been featured on albums selling millions of copies--Grammy winners, gold and platinum awards among them. Nine of Jimmy's songs have been certified "Number 1" hits as singles by Billboard Magazine.

Recently, both the CMA and ACM awarded Jimmy Yeary with "Song of the Year" for I Drive Your Truck--the inspiring song he wrote about the father of a fallen soldier and how he continues to remember his son. Jimmy's most recent Number 1 was Everything's Gonna Be Alright, a song he wrote for Kenny Chesney and David Lee Murphy.

He has also been called "one of the most engaging speakers in the country". Jimmy takes the lessons he has learned and the experiences he has encountered in his music career and applies them to the process of creating results for businesses, organizations, and teams.

Facilitating growth while creating and maintaining significant relationships has become Jimmy's trademark as a communicator. Emotional awareness, a greater understanding of other people, and the shared experiences that build an effective team herald the genius of Jimmy Yeary. Not only can he speak to who you are as an organization, he will put it to music!

Jimmy Yeary
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Jimmy Yeary
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5 Strategies to Songwriting AKA Building Valuable Relationships

Learn the art of valuable connectivity through authentically feeling what you are speaking, to create instant attraction. This is one of the most valuable leadership tools you can possess.

Lead effectively by meeting that intrinsic need we all have to not feel alone and make relatability one of your greatest assets for initiating powerful relationships within the workforce.

Whether you are selling a product or selling yourself, this technique will enable you to see and feel the sale from the buyer’s perspective. When this is done, you can guarantee a sales pitch drenched in authenticity.. and authenticity creates connectivity.

Jimmy will show you how the most trivial details of any life can be precisely the pictures needed to create a desired connection. Through hilarious personal stories, you will see how he uses his life to make you see yours. We connect to emotion, not the specific story. Few people have lost someone in Afghanistan and also drives their truck to remember them, yet millions of people gravitated to one of Jimmy’s biggest hits, CMA song of the year, I Drive Your Truck.

Learn how the power of joy can exponentially improve productivity and hear Jimmy’s techniques to tap into happiness more quickly and how to harness it and improve every aspect of your life, in and out of business.

Effective Storytelling

When you feel a story, you see it. When you see a story, you tell it effectively. Everyone’s life is a story that has been authentically felt and therefore can be drawn upon to utilize every emotionally valuable detail to move and inspire.


The mind can be warmed up and prepared, not unlike a runner might stretch his muscles for a race. Learn the techniques Jimmy uses to free up the mind and tap into the most creative headspace. These techniques will enable you to consistently create something out of nothing.


Jimmy will show you how to break down any barriers, to free up the flow of creativity, communication, and camaraderie.

Jimmy Yeary
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Jimmy Yeary

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