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Dr. Brynn L. Winegard Dr. Brynn L. Winegard
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Dr. Brynn L. Winegard: The Brain Science of Persuasion and Influence
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Dr. Brynn L. Winegard: Secrets of Success

Dr. Brynn L. Winegard

Global Expert in Applied Neuroscience, Positive Psychology for Professionals and Award Winning Professor

About Dr. Brynn L. Winegard

After a decade working in corporate business development (marketing, sales) at Pfizer, Nestle, and Johnson & Johnson, and an ongoing career as a Professor of Business, today, Dr. Brynn comes to us loaded with science-backed, research-based, frontier insights from brain studies, having worked with Olympians, Elite Athletes, US Military officials, World Leaders, and Global Executives.

Dr. Brynn is purpose-driven to help professionals exactly like YOU feel more motivated, get more done, and ...

It was a great honour to see Dr. Brynn Winegard present on the Brain Science of Persuasion and Influence. It was remarkable how much the audience members were engaged and enjoyed Brynn's presentation. Brynn was a confident presenter and she easily connected with her audience by tailoring to their curiosities and turning her passion to an interesting and intriguing topic for them to want to hear and learn more about. Brynn's energy and excitement filled the room and her presentation was informative and entertaining. She offered great tips and inspiring messages which the audience appreciated and benefited from. Brynn would make a great speaker at any event as her topic is unique and fascinating and her presentation skills would be rated second to none.

Royal Bank of Canada

Energy, energy, energy... Your ability to engage the audience by linking your expertise to their needs was exceptional. Your "standing room only" session received excellent reviews and was extremely engaging, enlightening for all who attended. You captivated the audience with your dynamic style and meaningful content.

Ontario Association of School Business Officials (OASBO)

Brynn kept our diverse crowd spell-bound with her scientific explanation of brain functioning, coupled with practical approaches for optimizing motivation and productivity. The topic was relevant to the entire company in attendance, and her lively, entertaining style kept everyone involved and attentive, even at the end of a long day of meetings.


Dr. Brynn Winegard is one of the best leadership keynote speakers I have ever seen - and I have sat through many in my career. While I was skeptical at first, the model Brynn presented effectively merged brain science and leadership and really helped me see my purpose and skill as a leader, newly. As a presenter Brynn breathed life in to the audience with her high energy and vast knowledge as a subject matter expert. I found myself quoting her keynote the next day to direct reports and even friends: very impressive speaker and I look forward to the next one!

High-Growth Silicon Valley IT Manufacturer

Listening to Brynn Winegard's 'Secrets to Success' keynote presentation is like watching your favorite movie again for the first time. I had the pleasure of first listening to Brynn speak at a conference in Toronto--though have since seen her present twice more at various events. The knowledge, engagement, and passion she brings to each of her presentations left me in complete awe. Brynn has the ability to turn a heavy and sometimes daunting subject into something that anyone in any industry can relate to. Best of all, when you leave one of Brynn's keynotes you've not only learned how to enhance your business successes but you've learned tips and tricks about improving your own brain! Watching Brynn Winegard is an experience and one that must not be missed.

Fortune 100 Consumer Goods Manufacturing Company
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