Bruce Turkel Text Reviews

I can't even begin to say how awestruck I was by your presentation.
Jay Hember - Corpcom
Two of my staff had the opportunity to attend your branding seminar yesterday. I have never had two staff people return from a training session more enthusiastic than they did. You really wowed them! I only wish I had attended with them.
Tamara A. Klinger - United Way
This guy is an incredibly inspiring speaker.
Rick Tharp - Tharpdid It
Thank you for your FANTASTIC presentation and for contributing to the success of TechMarketing 2001. Your presentation, delivery and energy captivated our audience.
Victoria Usherenko - Liaisonit
Just got back from your presentation at HSMAI. AWESOME!!!
Hillary Bressler - .Com Marketing
Thank you for your book on branding. After reading it I passed it on to my marketing director. It was right on the money!
George A. Naddaff - Founder of Boston Market
You remember how you felt when you bought your first pair of glasses? How you could for the first time see the definition of trees with every leaf & branch? I am now able to focus on the details & get rid of the clutter. Thanks for turning the lights on!
Guy Nahmiach - Freeman Decorating Company
We were looking to inspire our marketing organization and ignite their energy to 'think laterally,' and Bruce answered that call! Based on the response of our attendees, we are beyond pleased that we selected Bruce to speak at our summit.
Juan Rovira, Chief Marketing Officer - Bacardi
You were the highlight of our meeting! Your subject on the brands was right on and through our survey I am getting great reviews on your presentation.
Alvaro Diago, Chief Operating Officer - Intercontinental Hotel Group
The annual convention for DMAI has been over for three weeks and our members are still talking about your presentation.
Doug Price, Senior VP of Professional Development - Destination Marketing Association International
Your presentation and presence at our retreat was the highlight of the three-day event. With all honesty I can say that you excelled in getting your points across in clear & memorable terms. Your unique ability to involve the whole group was outstanding.
Michael Pappas, President and CEO - Keyes Corporation
You are such a talented speaker . . . enthusiastic, appropriate, and so skilled in teaching in a very fun and effective way. The attendees loved you and found great value in the messages you shared. I can't wait to hear you again at ESTO!!"
Diane Shober, State of Wyoming
He had the audience guide the meeting rhythm and content through a 'choose your own adventure' style. This was incredibly engaging and pushed the team to drive the summit and make it their own. Big success!
Bill Melnyk, Brand Director - Grey Goose Vodka
Your presentation on "Building Brand Value" was amazing. Your insightful discussion of the seven points of building brand value captivated the audience and contributed greatly to the substance of our conference program.
John C. Murphy, Executive Director - National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies
Bruce, once again, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the recent IFCO forum.
Jennifer Jaacks, Account Manager of PR and Social Marketing - Foodmix Marketing Communications
I found your presentation uplifting, entertaining and enlightening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also felt the concepts you introduced were both relevant and insightful and there is no question you added substantial value to our event.
Daniel Walsh, President - North America, IFCO