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Brian Holloway

A Stanford All-American and 5 Time NFL All-Pro

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Florida, United States
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A Stanford All-American and five-time NFL All-Pro, Brian Holloway, excelled as the team captain of the 1985 New England Patriots, AFC Championship Team. In 1986, at age 26, Holloway was one of the principal architects of the NFL's growth strategy that produced a landmark $18 Billion TV contract in 1998. Look for his distinguished football accomplishments to be recorded in the Pro Football's Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame Coach, Bill Walsh - NFL Dynasty Crafter, calls Brian "A true champion. A ...

At a time of uncertainty merging a new company, Brian gave me a new outlook and energized me to make my territory and new team a success!

Suzette Tineo, Territory Manager - Ciba Vision

Brian has an ability to engage "everybody" in the room and create a level of excitement and belief that may not have been there before.

Tom Gegan, Sales Manager, Gibbsboro, NJ - Micro Wharehouse

I appreciate your personal struggle from elementary school and your unique approach to building a successful TEAM, very valuable in life!

Tom Nowland, Director of Marketing & Sales - Birmingham, Michigan
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